Challenges Faced By Non Traditional Students

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Researching nontraditional students allowed me to capture the thoughts and feelings of these students in regards to involvement outside of the classroom. This research will give the campus an opportunity to reach out to this student population when planning events and take into consideration some of the challenges faced by non-traditional students. Student organizations on campus can also learn how to increase participation and membership in the organization from the non-traditional student. The overall goal is to give the nontraditional students a voice and allow administrators the opportunity to further support this student group.
In this section, I will first review the purpose of the study, re-introduce the themes, and summarize my research findings. Second I will briefly discuss the significance of the research, followed by the limitations of the study. Third, I will comment on the implications of the study. And finally, I will give suggestions/strategies on how the university can improve the engagement of undergraduate adult learners as well as improve retention and completion rates in the adult learner population.
The purpose of my project was to look at a specific group of students, non-traditional students working towards completion of their undergraduate degree, at or beyond the age of 25, to determine student involvement and college experience. Some emerging themes that developed from the survey and interview responses include:
a) The non-traditional

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