Pros And Cons Of The Morrill Act

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The Morrill Act was made to make public higher education a need. With the Congress and President finding the Morrill Act a need to make education a need for the public. The Morrill Act was to make it so everyone had the opportunity for higher education and it would help farmers so therefore the whole community would benefit from education. The positive change that the act made to the public was the states were sold land to build public universities where everyone could benefit from. The Morrill act was made to make college for that was based on agriculture, the mechanic arts, and military tactics with not forgetting about literary or scientific studies. The establishment of the land grant allowed states to have 30,000 acres of public land for each member in Congress. The land grant gave the opportunity for colleges so then that made it possible for more of the public to go and get a higher education. Since the nation was torn apart because of the Civil War the nation would be able to have the leaders and workers needed to rebuild a torn nation through the institutions being build. This made the nation …show more content…
Being involved does not just mean doing clubs and going to class it’s getting to know friends and making friends and going outside of your dorm room, or just saying hi to a person that looks sad. Being a successful college student is totally different from high school, it is way harder. Being successful in high school you just had to get good grades and do sports and maybe be in a club and make your parents proud. Where in college it takes a lot to be successful you are paying for everyday and you have to make the best of it, the test are way harder, but that is college it is hard and if it was not hard then you are not pushing yourself hard enough. Choosing a major where you have to challenge yourself is the thrill of life to know that you have to push through because you can make

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