Women Population Research Paper

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The women population in regards to health is an important factor in the implementation of appropriate health care services. There are leading causes of mortality and morbidity affecting women throughout globe, as well as in local and at national levels. This essay is to study and understand the types of health issues and the status affecting women at a local, state, national, and international perspective. Many research studies have focused on the health concerns and barriers imposing women of all ages. The context of this paper will examine the health risks, diseases, and outline other health problems that emerge among the women population. This focus is critical to assess the health needs for women and details a profile of women’s
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Religions, socioeconomic status, educational levels, race, politics, and other cultural attributes provide a unique depiction of the world’s women population. The female population around the world represents 49.6% of the global population; approximating 101 men for every women living on earth (worldmeters). China and India encompass the majority of the world’s female population, and in contrast, women make up less of the population that lived in Arab countries such as Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain. Although, there is progress for women in many countries, there are still health and social issues inflicting the female gender. For instance, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), many women are not entitled to inherit land, suffer social exclusion, female genital mutilation, trafficking, restricted mobility, and lack access to health care. In many patriarchal societies, religion and cultural traditions still impedes women rights (Shah, 2010). For instance, some Pakistan customs practice “honor killings,” a violent act that set women in fire if they were caught committing adultery. Many governments and legislation policies still continue to be implemented or either delayed in protecting women from violence and discrimination in many

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