The Violent Role Of Muslims Against Terrorism (MAT)

Another organization that has been formed is the Muslims Against Terrorism, or MAT, which was founded in 1998. One of the objectives of MAT is focused on providing Western media outlets with accurate sources of Muslim perspective (Muslims, 2015). MAT states that Islam is intended to be a religion of peace, and those that say otherwise are misrepresenting the Qur’an. To support this view, MAT uses passages from the Qur 'an such as, “And the believers, men and women, are friends one of another. They enjoy what is right and forbid what is wrong,” (Muslims, 2015). This organization has also made it their mission to connect with non-Muslim communities in a peaceful manner. By doing this, their intention is to assist others in understanding their …show more content…
In contrast to the stereotypes about the violent nature of Islam, the stereotypes about Muslim women do hold some truth. Muslim women tend to be portrayed as a group that is suppressed without any outlet defend their rights. While this is an issue that Muslim women face, they have taken an approach this issue using methods that are similar to those being used to combat the stereotypes about the violent nature of Islam. Rabia Mirza, an advocate for the rights of Muslim women, states that she believes that Muslim women need to be the ones leading the fight for their rights because it would not be appropriate for an outsider to do so (Siddieque, 2011). Women are granted rights under Islam in certain aspects of their life, such as their social status, political and economic status, and their rights to receiving an education (Shorish-Shamely, 2015). The rights of Muslim women one of the things being targeted by Western media, as well as radicalized Muslims and terrorists who claim to be Muslims. Muslim women are actively campaigning to challenge the misinterpretations about their rights under the laws of Islam. The social status of women in Islam has been significantly influenced by negative stereotypes that have developed. According to Dr. Shorish-Shamley, women had no basic human rights in the pre-Islamic era. It was not until Islam was founded that the social status of women was vastly improved (Shamley, 2015). This strongly contrasts the stereotypes about Muslim women that portrays Muslim women as defenseless. The Prophet Muhammad succeeded in reforming many social aspects within his culture, one of which was the treatment of women. These changes allowed women to own property, refuse arranged marriages, keep their names after marriage, and the right to obtain an education (Women, 2004). Another common misconception about women’s social status is

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