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  • Disadvantages Of Salmon Ladders

    cover is the environmental problem that is facing the Oregon salmon population. The problem that we will be talking about, in particular, is the salmon in the Oregon rivers and ocean. There are many components that make up this problem. There are different solutions, as well, to try to fix the issue that salmon have. “Particularly worrisome is the accelerated downward trend in the last few years, signaling that some populations just may not be able to cope with fast-changing climatic conditions heaped on top of other existing pressures.” (Rebecca Shur, n.d.). This shows how serious the problem is with the salmon in the North West, as a whole. Some of the problem has to do with the wild life in the environment. An example of this are the sea lions in the Columbia River, who are a natural predator of salmon. Warming water tempters have also played a role in the lowering number of salmon. Some of the damage that has been caused to salmon has been from people trying to help them. One of the ways that salmon has gotten to so low of numbers is because of all the dams that have been built over the years. That’s because not all dams allow the salmon to move from the part of the river that they are in. This would mean that humans have been making it difficult for salmon to spawn. Spawning is when the salmon go up river where they were born and lay their eggs in the same place, and so that their babies can be born in the same area too. I want to cover why it’s important that we try to…

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  • Theme Of Faith In Narnia

    In Narnia, as in the Bible, grace is linked to faith. One cannot acquire forgiveness on their own. His own sin is too great and the divine sovereign is too honest for self-justification. One cannot change themselves either. Sinfulness is to grand to overcome on ones’ own. There are some things only Aslan can do, and the only proper human response to these things is faith. As the Beavers in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe tell Peter, it is no good trying to save Mr. Tumnus from the White…

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  • Racism In Disney's Zootopia

    Disney’s Zootopia is a production filled with a not so subtle hidden agenda. This movie focuses on specific discriminatory struggles that people face every day. Zootopia is a euphoric city where, “our ancestors first joined together in peace and declared that anyone could be anything” (Judy, Zootopia). Predator and prey are able to live in harmony after predators were able to overcome their biological urge to hunt prey. Once predators overcame their “savage ways”, the world became civilized. The…

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  • Tiger Symbolism

    To start off, I came up with the idea of a tiger as the head, as it is a national symbol, and it is the national animal of Malaysia. While the tiger also indicates bravery and agility in the Malaysian culture. Whereas, I used the orangutan because it is indigenous in the island of Borneo which includes parts of Malaysia. However, the orangutan is often seemed to show happiness and fun. Moreover, I used the Malayan tapir, because it is indeed a unique creature, due to the fact it almost resembles…

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  • Captive Lions Observation

    Enrichment Recommendations Enrichment 1: In this scenario, the captive lions exhibit stereotypic pacing behaviors around feeding times. To address the welfare concern of pacing in these captive lions, I would recommend a change in the way food is presented. Felids engage in appetitive behaviors to obtain their food (Shepherdson et al, 1993), and these behaviors include locating, capturing, killing and consuming their prey (Lindburg, 1988). Varying the method and timing of food delivery by either…

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  • Nyala Essay

    Tragelaphus angasii (Nyala) of the Bovidae family, known and familiar to southern Africa, can be observed and studied for the size of its elaborate, slightly twisted horns. This trait can be seen as an adaptative trait due to the variety of horn lengths and sizes in Bovids, as well as a heritable trait, due to the continual frequency in horns throughout generations, in the species of Nyala. The adaptivity and heritability of this trait can be analyzed through the natural history of the species…

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  • Emperor Penguins: The Penguins

    migrating. Molting is simply defined as shedding their feathers. Usually Penguins undergo one complete molt yearly usually after their breeding season. Penguins feed mostly on sea fishes, crustaceans and squids, however, they must stay on land for extended periods when breeding, mainly during incubation. In addition, penguins entirely replace their whole plumage each year and must spend a long time fasting ashore because the consequent reduction in thermal insulation precludes staying in cold…

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  • Informative Essay On Dingoes

    General Info It’s body, legs and tail have golden fur, it’s feet, mouth, chest and belly are all white. It’s nose is black like most dogs and it has pointy up ears. The dingo lives in Australia and mainly lives in desserts but some live in grasslands and near forests. Dingoes often make their dens in abandoned rabbit holes. Most people know the Dingo as a native animal to only Australia similar to why people know the Kangaroo. They can rotate their paws unlike any other dog and they have the…

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  • External Features Of A Lion's Nervous System

    The external features of a lion help them survive in their habitat. Both females and males have a golden tan color that help them camouflage to their surroundings. However, there does exist a white variant which appears once in awhile in some lions. There is a huge external difference that separates males and females which is the male's mane. The mane is large and bushy, and it stretches all the way from the neck to the beginning of its back. It also gets darker as the lion ages. The lion has…

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  • Cheetah Research Paper

    they desire to mate or when they are raising cubs. Unlike females, male cheetahs usually live in fixed groups, consisting of 2-4 brothers, called coalitions. Although they aren’t usually united, they all hunt in the same way and manner. After a cheetah locates its prey, it tracks the down within 50 meters for a couple of minutes. The cheetah then dashes at lightning speed and pounces on their prey. They viciously grab them from their neck and strangle them to death. Unfortunately, they don’t…

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