Project Lifecycle : Four Phases Of A Project Essay

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Project Lifecycle
Four Phases of a Project
The Initiating Phase of a project is where every successful project begins. This is where a business case is made to state the purpose of the project and its value. Also worth considering is the current state / future state of whatever the project will be touching. Knowing the baselines and behaviors are imperative to how we handle projects at IMT, we have a history of getting deep into a project and having an issue crop up.
This is also where we put together the Project Charter (previously called requirements). This document, while containing requirements, is not limited to them. It also includes questions, assumptions, stakeholders, the sponsor, the client, and any information pertinent to making sure the project is run successfully.
Having a statement of scope will help us understand what we agree to produce, and more importantly, what we agree we’re not going to produce. This especially important dealing with clients who could make assumptions about getting more than what is being built, which could blow out scope, cost, time, etc. A defined scope change process (escalation) will help all projects move along smoothly, should an issue arise.
Impact Filter
Purpose / Value
Current / Future State
Project Charter
Scope Statement
Risks (high-level)
Can include Planning Deliverables

The Planning Phase of…

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