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  • The Varieties Of Religious Experience Analysis

    arguments and then present his analysis of them. That is what he attempted to accomplish in The Varieties of Religious Experience, which began as a series of lectures. Our purpose is not to provide a definitive treatise on the subject, but to identify some relevant questions, problems, and dilemmas. We will discuss the complex interaction between Religion and Psychology-one that embraces ambiguity and uncertainty in order…

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  • Development, Culture, And Consequences Of Atheism

    reported less struggles than those who were more “open.” Is there any better way to prepare for a delicious Turkish meal served up with their famous Mediterranean hospitality than by attending an invited symposium on atheism? I would certainly doubt it. Prior to this an unbelievable lunch (is there any better way to prepare for a delicious Turkish meal served up with famous Mediterranean hospitality than by attending an invited symposium on atheism? I would certainly doubt it), Paul Harris and…

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  • How God Changes Your Brain Summary

    In How God Changes your Brain Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman give some very insightful descriptions of the chemical and emotional changes and processes that are occur in the brain. In this book these changes are explained in detail and the different processes that are involved with growing and maintaining a faith. The concept of faith and religious practice having a strong effect on the brain has often been the topic of debate and conflict within the religious community and secular…

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  • Spirituality Vs Religion

    defines religion as “…that which is concerned with the holy.” He associates religion with being told what to think, feel and believe, while spirituality is individualised and personal, being linked to the body, nature, femininity, sexuality and the environment – things that religion lacks. Tacey goes on to explain that following a dogma is outdated, and that while religion and spirituality are connected, religion does not inherently contain the spiritual experience that it should. He states that…

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  • Reflective Essay: Can Religion Still Be Relevant Today

    This could mean through personal religious experience, or seeing an article about Religion through a media outlet. There are good aspects of Religion and there are aspects in which people will see a negative side. Religion is an impactful concept and this reason is why it will remain relevant. Religious or spiritual belonging helps us regain a sense of purpose. Religion offers a crutch and comfort to those who may be seeking guidance. Questions will continue to appear and to be analyzed.…

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  • The Importance Of Spiritual Experiences

    A spiritual experience is an event or moment that defines or changes a person and is usually experienced within the context of the person’s faith or belief in something. There is no set place or time for a religious experience, it can be in public or private, some are even when the person isn’t even awake. Gini Brumble had her spiritual experience over the course of a year, Jaken Bautista’s was during an afternoon nap, and my own spanned about nine months. Each of these experiences showed us…

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  • Higher Consciousness

    I understand the way; it 's the journey that never ceases. It 's the journey that reconnects and integrates you with your higher self, with your higher consciousness, with Christ consciousness. The journey of higher consciousness is a journey into truth. Are you ready for the truth? By the way, this "new age" that my reader is knocking is not just an aberration of the disillusioned; it is scientific fact in the form of astronomy. Jesus ushered in the Piscean Age 2000 years ago. (The symbol for…

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  • The Importance Of Morality In The Council Of Trent

    lead by the work of Bernard Haring, The Second Vatican Council called to a radical revision of the classical moral theology of the western Catholicism. Father Richard Gula notes in his thesis that morality without spirituality is rootless; spirituality without morality is disembodied. Father Gula identifies three keys of theological foundations that support the combination of anthropology, theology and Christology. Father Richard Gula notes the work of Bernard Haring who points out that…

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  • My Personal Pilgrimage

    Personal Pilgrimage “O God of wholeness, when I consider the lack of balance and wholeness in my life, the one-sided spiritualties with which I attempt to appease you, to appear good in the eyes of others, and to please myself, I come face to face with my need for a holistic spiritual life. Help me, I pray, to hunger and thirst for the wholeness you have for me in Christ. Help me to be willing to surrender to you whatever stands in the way of such wholeness” (64). Wholeness was a state that I…

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  • Essay On Spiritual Revival

    We are called to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world, and one reason is to make it more difficult for evil to prosper. Many of our laws and statues by which our nation is governed can be traced back to times when our nation was experiencing a season of spiritual awakening of Revival. Think of The Festival of Light movement in the 1960 's with Mary Whitehouse and she was so ridiculed and lampooned, but it developed into the Care Movement. Israel was blessed by Almighty God…

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