Remedial action

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  • Remedial Action

    with federal and state requirements that are applicable or relevant and appropriate to the remedial action, are cost-effective, and use permanent solutions and alternative treatment technologies to the maximum extent practicable. Because this remedy will result in hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants remaining onsite until remedial goals are achieved above levels that allow for unlimited use and unrestricted exposure, a statutory review will be conducted no less often than every 5 years. The first 5-year…

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  • Trichloroethylene Essay

    In addition the plan will identify other alternatives that were considered and justify why the alternate that is preferred was selected (Department of Defense, 2012). Once this is completed, the plan will be made available for public comment. All significant comments will be answered and summarized to become part of the documentation recording selection of an action (DD). Except in emergency removal actions the DD will be written before putting a response into action. All DDs will comply…

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  • Remedial Action Lab Report

    The remedial action objectives (RAO) for the Site presented in the ROD are: · Groundwater: Prevent human ingestion of, inhalation of, or dermal contact with groundwater that contains concentrations of PCE above 5 µg/L, TCE above 5 µg/L, cis-1,2-DCE above 70 µg/L, and trans-1,2-DCE above 100 µg/L (these concentrations are the maximum contaminant level goals (MCLGs) set by the Clean Water Act (or are Maximum Contaminant levels [MCL] where MCLGs are set at zero)). · Soil: Prevent human ingestion…

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  • Community Education

    Community Education has been at the forefront of education in Scotland since the Alexander Report amalgamated youth work, adult learning and community work together back in 1975 to form the community education services seen currently. Back then the Labour Government at the time commissioned the report and it has continued to have a significant impact on community education since then. In this essay I will explore how the different antecendents of community education outlined in Community…

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  • Higher Education Cost

    educational costs” (Archibald and Feldman 3). In other words, these journalists believe that if a college or university chooses not to invest money in higher quality education, their quality of education will remain stagnant. Strategies that result in poor consequences are applied in order to lower costs and increase quality in higher education. One plan to achieve this goal is by adding more students to each class that is given. Adding more students to a class removes the ability for a student…

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  • Statement Of Purpose: RAMP

    self-improvements dramatically. My reading speed has increased in just one quarter of participating in the program RAMP. I have been able to learn new words and clarify the definition and understanding of words that I have learned in the previous years. Not only has RAMP help me with my reading levels and grammar understanding, but also in my speech. Gaining knowledge on vocabulary has helped me speak more comfortably and understanding the meaning of sentence by just listening to them. As a…

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  • Edl 626 Summary

    ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY EDL 626 Reio,Thomas G.,,Jr. (2007). Exploring the links between adult education and human resource development: learning, risk-taking and democratic discourse. New Horizons in Adult Education & Human Resource Development, 21(1), 5-12. The author explores the differences and commonalities among adult education (AE) and human resource and development (HRD). AE and HRD are multi-disciplinary and share the same philosophical foundational roots in liberalism, progressivism,…

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  • Crisis Relief Advertisement Analysis

    and onto the diaper of the baby 's lower body, in addition an IV runs through the right leg of the boy. The fact that the boy has not been cleaned in up in preparation for the picture adds to the realness of the image and situation. Perhaps the hospital attending to him cannot afford enough bandages and sheets to change them frequently.The image is taken with the boy in this condition rather the after a bandage change to boost the sense of sympathy and pity provoked out of the viewer. As well,…

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  • La Mafia Trailer Analysis

    La Mafia In media we have produced a film trailer entitled La Mafia; our group consisted of me, Chris, Jeremiah and Onur. The film’s genre is both comedy and action, with the setting being in a school. Throughout the production we set goals to make sure our trailer was unique. Our production was aimed at the 13 -21 year age group, targeting the B-D social groups, in addition to the Aspirer psychographic group. Our production was more targeted at the male audience, as it utilises the…

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  • Max And His Dog Reflection

    Max is More Than Just a Story of a Boy and His Dog The 2015 film Max is an entertaining family film because of its story about a family overcoming loss, its outstanding acting, and its kid-friendly action scenes. The film Max follows a teenage boy, Justin Wincott, and the military-trained dog he is left in charge of after his brother is killed in combat in Afghanistan. The dog, a Belgian Malinois named Max suffers from post-traumatic-stress-disorder, putting additional strain on the Wincott…

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