Exploring The Links Between Adult Education And Human Resource Development Case Study

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Reio,Thomas G.,,Jr. (2007). Exploring the links between adult education and human resource development: learning, risk-taking and democratic discourse. New Horizons in Adult Education & Human Resource Development, 21(1), 5-12.

The author explores the differences and commonalities among adult education (AE) and human resource and development (HRD). AE and HRD are multi-disciplinary and share the same philosophical foundational roots in liberalism, progressivism, humanism, radicalism, behaviorism, and human capitalism. The purpose of learning differs slightly in each case. In AE, the purpose of learning is developing human potential, whereas the purpose of learning in HRD is geared toward performing occupational roles and tasks. In both cases, thinking and learning are linked by taking risks in seeking new information, exploring new strategies, and investigating untested hypotheses for the sake of reaching a conclusion. Learners must be willing to embrace new ideas that may have an impact on their life and change the way they view the world around them. Risk-taking in the workplace, family, and in society in general can create positive influences
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Our education system has changed, and many more students graduate from high school and more students attend some sort of education post high school. Teaching in K-12 have moved from socially valued concrete information to more critical thinking and logic based education. Professions today are more cognitively demanding, while in the past, it was only a small percentage of jobs. In developed countries, moral debates have escalated because we take the hypothetical and universal seriously and look for logical connections. He concludes with stating we have not progressed with in the political front because the younger generations do not study history and the interworking’s of other

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