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  • Pre-Reliquary Baptism

    In this technique, you first would engrave the design on the soft copper of the pre-reliquary chasse depicting the life of the saint whose relic was suppose to be contained within it along with other symbols that were associated to the saint. Engraving out the copper to construct the design would enable the metal worker to add the enamel into the carved out spots to produce the brightly colored designs. Enamel was powdered glass that came in different colors. In order to add the enamel onto the copper base, they would need to first crush the glass into power-like consistency and add water to form a liquid. They would then purify the colored enamel liquid to eliminate impurities from it. Using something similar to a modern day paintbrush, like a sharpened quill, the metal worker would color the carved in design with different colored…

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  • Arm Reliquary Essay

    Catholic world. The relics of saints represent the workings of God; and in medieval period, they were interpreted as God’s will and his forgiveness to the people or churches that owned and displayed the relics. Reliquaries, such as the Arm of Saint Louis of Toulouse and the Arm of Saint Luke, both from 1336 hold bone relics from saints. While relics of the Passion of Christ, such as the True Cross from the twelfth century…

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  • Korea Cultural Influence

    traded, gifted and found in countries that relate to similar works in another. In Ancient China, the first of Buddhists receptacles have dated back to the late fourth century, and in about three centuries later, the same relics have been found in Korea. These receptacles are Buddhist Reliquaries, or more specifically Sarira caskets which are “relics of the historical Buddha.” (Herzog, Royal Ontario Museum Site). Buddhist Reliquaries from China, that have influenced Korea, demonstrate the…

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  • Why Was Conques Abbey Important

    Conques Abbey is a remarkable monument that has been well-studied and discussed by scholars and art historians over the last few decades. The church has a very rich history spanning over several centuries, with the original monastery being built in the early ninth century to its last phase of construction which was completed in the early twelfth century. It is also known as an abbey because the church was a part of the monastery where the monks lived, prayed, and worked. Today, Conques Abbey and…

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  • Dark Ages Dbq

    Repeatedly the church scammed its practicers into paying to see a relic that was completely fabricated. Most of the time, reliquaries in England were used as a ploy to make money, instead of for religious purposes. The people who observed these reliquaries were completely unaware of the fact that there was not a real holy object inside. In fact, these Catholics believed that they were honoring God by spending their money on relics. The money raised went straight to the church and the Vatican. On…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Barnes Foundation Museum

    My trip to the Barnes Foundation museum was enjoyable and informative. On my trip, as we moved through the galleria I was astounded by how the rooms in the galleria were arranged. It was not like your average museum, with one or two paintings on the walls with a description of it underneath. Instead, there were rooms with paints all over the walls, along with iron work that correlated with the pieces. Our tour guide elaborated on how he did not wish for there to be a description under the pieces…

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  • Gothic Church Persuasive Essay

    octagonal palace chapel taking as model the imperial Byzantine church of San Vitale Ravenna. Built of cut stone, the inner octagon structure had a central vertical space covered with stone vaults; this inner structure supports a gallery above, a tradition that by then had almost been lost. Romanesque, Sainte Foy, Conques Typically French churches from this period were dedicated to local saints, Gauls who had been executed. Also, these churches were connected to a network of churches for…

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  • What Is The Symbolism In The Death Of Socrates

    they were weak and driven by passion. The number of characters in this scene has decreased to ten, instead of the original fifteen members that were present at his death. This decrease in characters simplifies the painting, yet still portrays the same chaos as fifteen characters would have. Socrates is almost emotionless in the face, while still being stern toward Plato. On his face you can see both light and dark representing the teachings of Socrates, and how he brought false wise men into…

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  • The Knight Vs The Pardoner's Tale Analysis

    licentiousness and even heresy. Outwardly praiseworthy, but ultimately censorious, the irony which is thick on the page as the admiring tone describing the clergyman’s gentleness, fashionable mode, delightful singing and unequalled grace is a thin veneer which does not conceal the writer’s obvious distain for The Pardoner. The Pardoner leads a sinister life and is consumed with cupiditas. He is depicted as smooth, delicate, lady-like and honey-tongued, duplicitous in his supposedly holy…

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  • Doris Salcedo's Atrabiliarios

    inspired by recent history of her native Colombia. Salcedo’s practices aim to address the issues rather then activating against them. Atrabiliarios was conceived in response to testimonies of the mourning families who suffered from these events. The artist gathered belongings from relatives and loved ones of those who disappeared during the Colombian Civil War, an armed conflict that began in the 1960s. Atrabiliarios embodies a distant memory which draws an emotional exchange with the audience.…

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