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  • Doris Salcedo's Atrabiliarios

    Doris Salcedo and Fiona Hall, both modern day artist that have the pure intentions of raising questions and narrating a universal issue in a way that avoids advocating and revolutionising the matter are both great examples of the given quote. Salcedo’s and hall’s practice are to create a form of communication that is simply to entice dialogue from the audience. Doris Salcedo’s practice towards her artwork of ‘Installation at 8th International Istanbul Biennial’ Entitled (2002-2003) and…

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  • Themes In Bone And Bread

    Bone and Bread Themes and How They Relate to Canadian Identity Thesis; themes, such as isolation, survival, loss of a loved one, loneliness, and emotional instability are all connected to what Canadian identity is. Through the loss of parents and close family, these two sisters, Beena and Sadhana, have to navigate life while dealing with the loss of their loved ones. Beena becomes pregnant, having to be a single mom, as the biological father leaves her; this is when she begins to get reclusive…

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  • The Most Photographed Barn In America Analysis

    Research Note #2: “The Most Photographed Barn in America” Paragraph A: In this passage extracted from the novel White Noise, the author, Don Dellilo describes Jack and Murray’s visit to a tourist attraction known as the most photographed barn in America to exhibit the significance of perception in addition to humanity’s lack of awareness regarding reification. The first paragraph establishes the scene in a countryside with a “MOST PHOTOGRAPHED BARN IN AMERICA” sign, the presence of animals and…

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  • Shotoku At Two Years Essay

    Shotoku at Two Years, made in the late 13th century, is a wooden sculpture depicting Shotoku Taishi, a famous historical and political figure in Japanese culture, as a young child praying. The piece is made of wood, crystal and pigments. This work is 53 cm high, 20 cm wide. This figure is about the size of a small toddler. Despite its small size, It is overwhelming in the sense that it depicts a future ruler as an innocent child. The piece of work appears to be delicate in both subject matter as…

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  • Buddhist Iconography

    the Buddha (Watt). Aside from images of him, other types of iconography are mound structures known as stupas. These monuments have been around since the start of the Buddhist religion. Along with being a symbolic monument, these mounds are often reliquaries for Buddhist teachers remains (The Buddhas…

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  • Christian De Bergerac Character Analysis

    Christian and Cyrano represent the flip sides of a coin. In other words Cyrano represents complexity with his talent with words while Christian emerges more on the side of simplicity with his good looks. Resulting the coin being the perfect lover. But as the play progresses we notice somehow both of them show a balanced set of qualities. Christian de Neuvilette is an obstinate, physically strong, juvenile baron who just arrived from Gascony and is about to join the cadets. Christian’s main…

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  • Cilicia Museum Case Study

    The Cilicia Museum was established in Antelias, Lebanon year 1998 and it preserves part of the religious history of the Armenian nation. All of the collection’s valuable objects- such as Medieval manuscripts, chalices, golden crosses etc.- have been protected and carried out of Cilicia during the Armenian Genocide (1915-1923), either by monks or by ordinary people, hidden among their belongings. The history of the museum’s collection will be further elaborated in the coming chapters. However, it…

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  • Saint Bartholomew's Massacre

    Whilst there may be some truth in the distinction: Protestants destroy property and Catholics kill, it is a gross over-simplification of the religious violence associated with the Early Modern era to characterise it in such a binary manner. At best, it is a sweeping generalisation based upon the assumption that Protestant property destruction is driven by their anti-iconic beliefs, who felt that they had a legitimate objection to the wrongful use of material objects during worship: something…

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  • How Did Charlemagne Influence Rome

    Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great, greatly impacted Ancient Rome through his role as Emperor of Western Europe. Through art and culture Charlemagne’s traditions still exist today. In order to understand his impact it is crucial to learn his background, time as a ruler, effect on Ancient Rome, the Carolingian renaissance, and traditions that exist today. Just like any other ruler, Charlemagne had to start somewhere. Unfortunately the exact date of Charlemagne’s birth is unknown,…

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  • Saint Catherine Of Siena

    Introduction Catherine of Siena, a medieval mystic that greatly impacted Christianity through her writings. This paper might seem meaningless to most because not a lot of people know of Saint Catherine of Siena. It wasn’t until recently that she even became known as Saint Catherine. Only a few scholars know of Catherine. I chose to write about her because her story is not average, but it is unique and unusual. At first I didn’t even know anything about Catherine, but after researching and…

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