Reflective Essay: Can Religion Still Be Relevant Today

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Religion can be defined as a set of beliefs concerning the purpose or reason of the universe. It can be described as a group of people who obtain the same distinct set of practices, traditions, or beliefs. It is something that one believes in and is devoted to. Religion is something that will always be relevant. I do not think that Religion will ever cease to exist or not be relevant. It is relevant in many different ways and aspects. It has been around for many years and will continue to be around for many more years. It is a commodity that has supported human beings. It may be relevant to someone in a traditional way or in a way that is not typical. It is important to understand and realize the impact Religion has on our everyday lives. The relevance of Religion has been questioned continuously. In many situations, Religion is found to be off-putting to society and this causes people to express their beliefs and practices privately, but often dismiss these when need to be addressed publicly. I personally have experienced a situation where this can be applied. I grew up being raised Catholic and even attended a private, Catholic school from kindergarten to the eighth grade. Once I hit high school, I went to a public high school. The first couple of …show more content…
This could mean through personal religious experience, or seeing an article about Religion through a media outlet. There are good aspects of Religion and there are aspects in which people will see a negative side. Religion is an impactful concept and this reason is why it will remain relevant. Religious or spiritual belonging helps us regain a sense of purpose. Religion offers a crutch and comfort to those who may be seeking guidance. Questions will continue to appear and to be analyzed. Conflict will continue to arise on the bases of Religion. These examples go to show how Religion is still relevant in our world

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