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  • What Were You Taught In Your Family About People From Other Ethnic Or Racial Groups?

    are not a part of the dominant group deal with red-lining, which discriminates within the housing department. With red-lining those who are discriminating against do not receive housing. 5. They live in neighborhoods that have better protection and a better connection with the police. They believe that the police are there to protect them, unlike minorities. 1.8) If you were involved with organized religion as a child, have your ideas about religion changed? If so, how have your ideas of religion changed? What factors lead to the changed that you have made in your religious beliefs? If you consider yourself a spiritual or religious person, in what ways is that helpful, supportive, or limiting to you? If you were or are religious, what are some of the values that you have learned from your religion? Has your religions background influenced your desire to become a practitioner? If you do not consider yourself religious and do not have a spiritual practice, how do you imagine that might impact you if you are working with a client who has a strong faith background? My ideas about religion have changed from when I was a child. I did not follow religion as much as I do now. After willingly attending church I have come to understand Christianity a little more than before. My ideas have changed because as a teenager/ young adult I have experienced things that questioned where my faith was. As a spiritual person it is helpful, supportive, and limiting. It is helpful and supportive…

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  • Examples Of Religious Intolerance

    America’s Religious Intolerance “The greatest problem in the world today is intolerance. Everyone is so intolerant of each other,” by Princess Diana. The story of how the United States came to be is a well known story among many Americans. As history tells, many Anti-Federalists did not want to accept the US Constitution because it lacked a list of rights, which protected the people from a powerful government. Therefore, the Bill of Rights were formulated. The first amendment addresses the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of School Vouchers

    schools, which include religious schools. In many states’ constitution it is stated that no taxes can go to religious schools. One of these states is Colorado, “the state's Supreme Court ruled against the district's voucher program, which was passed in 2011, saying it violated a plank of the State Constitution that explicitly prevents public money from going to schools ‘controlled by any church or sectarian denomination whatsoever.’” What this makes clear is that school vouchers violate the…

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  • Essay On The Liberty Of The Truth

    “The Liberty of the Truth” Storybooks and movies show that American history has always been one of freedom, independence and liberty. According to these, since the beginning of colonial times, America has been a paradise for those in search of a perfect land where to re-establish God´s law and order, to speak freely and to start a new life without punishment or judgement. New England was the new heavenly kingdom for the Puritans persecuted in England for their radical beliefs. The American story…

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  • The Importance Of Public Freedoms

    education attendance wasn’t strictly enforced. However, today compulsory attendance is strictly upheld thanks to laws like No Child Left Behind. In the past, parochial schools feared mandatory school attendance laws would ruin them. Some filed lawsuits seeking to have those laws ruled unconstitutional. Courts affirmed that parents had to the rights to choose to send their children to either public or private religious schools. • Private Freedoms: The Practice of Religious Beliefs in…

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  • Informative Speech: Do Religions Cause War

    Specific purpose: The purpose of my speech is to inform my audience should take several steps about the misunderstanding between religions to stop the war. Central Idea: By supporting actions towards stricter laws against the effects on human and the environmental health, misunderstanding of religions will be brought to a halt. Intro I. Attention: Have anyone thought about the impacts of using the name of any religion to start a war? Could you imagine how people would judge you because of same…

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  • Pierre Bayle's Natural Light Argument Essay

    When Dr. Kristen Irwin lectured on Pierre Bayle and his ideas about religious toleration, she introduced many people to a new way of thinking about religion and toleration. Dr. Irwin first spoke about Pierre Bayle’s life and the historical context that influenced his thinking. Bayle lived during a period of turmoil in the Church. With many groups separating themselves from Rome, religious life was not as uniform as it used to be. With these changes came persecution. Pierre Bayle was raised…

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  • Personal Privacy

    Religion played little to no role in the household, though we were raised Catholic and leaned towards the belief in God. Religious practice and privacy was established by my parents, the two of which came from very different backgrounds as far as religion goes. My mother, a light hearted Catholic from a Mexican family cherished religion, but cared little for the church, believing as long as you practiced God’s teachings you would be fine. My father’s side was the polar opposite, Already split up…

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  • The Puritans: The Pilgrims Of The Colonies

    starvation and total destruction. Of course, the Pilgrims celebrated their first harvest with Masasoit’s tribe, which we know today as the story of the “First Thanksgiving.” News of the Pilgrim’s religious haven and prosperity reached England, where a wave of persecution against Puritans was…

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  • Religious Accommodations In Schools

    place of general acceptance and diversity. Now, the formation and implementation of religious accommodations can be well evaluated through the use of examples. Due to the need to ensure society’s protection of religious freedom and the school’s purpose to educate a general curriculum, the subsequent argument will accept accommodation if it protects a religious belief and it does not hinder the general education of all students and limit the school’s education of the particular student receiving…

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