Higher consciousness

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  • Higher Consciousness

    Higher Consciousness, Christ Consciousness and Jesus I received an email from a reader questioning people 's ability to connect with higher consciousness and claiming that I have yet to be mentored by the true God--Jesus Christ. "You claim to teach the secrets of the soul, success, "finding oneself," ascension, etc. I believe you 've left out an important step and have yet to be mentored by the true God; you only promote the self-god of new age. How can I tell? Because if you had met Him, you would speak of Him and tell others of His glory. We can only rise so far in our own wisdom and that 's due to a pre-existing and self-perfected curse...the very crux of mankind 's disconnect. It 's called sin, and the solution to this sin-curse is remedied…

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  • Erikson's Model Of Cognitive Development

    Our definitional model of consciousness states that consciousness cannot be explicitly measured, however is biologically rooted and dependent on the brain. Although consciousness is cognitive and internal, it is developed through social interactions with others as well as social reflections on those interactions. In this way consciousness is a social construction that is rooted in, and dependent on, cultural grounding and context (Lutz 1992, Sandstrom 2010). This ‘awareness of awareness’ is…

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  • Metaphysics: The Mind And The Transcendental Self

    Patrick Olivelle and Valerie J Roebuck in Upanishads and The Upanishads outline what most likely represents the earliest map of consciousness as described in these ancient Indian texts from the sixth or seventh century B.C.E. In these texts consciousness is said to be comprised of three principal states of the self: the waking state, the dream state and the state of deep and dreamless sleep. Later texts added a fourth state of consciousness: pure consciousness. Waking consciousness relates to…

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  • Emergentism, Interactionism, And Pluralism

    The brain is a physical organ located in the head of humans. This organ is composed of soft tissue that controls the nervous system and drives mental processes. As the body receives stimulation from internal or external sources, the sensations are relayed to and interpreted by the brain. These interpretations are translated into the thoughts or experiences often referred to as consciousness. The mind arises from the activity of the brain that produces consciousness. This consciousness, or…

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  • Gaian Culture Analysis

    4). A major principle in the Gaian polity is thinking about consciousness in terms of ecology instead of one-sided ideas. In a political culture, Truth can be widely known and contained in a methodology of ideas and ideals. It could possibly be capitalism or communism, Christianity, or Islam. Then, the good is formed from knowing the Truth is correct and maintaining its pureness. Considering the Gaian political culture is that of ecological thinking, some may assume that the Truth is conveyed in…

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  • Upanishad Vs Gita

    In the first few pages of the Upanishad we came to understand. The state of meditation translate a migration from a low spiritual altitude to a higher one in search of the Self and the Atman soul within, lost between the daily struggles of life , envy, and the ego. To recognize the Atman soul within us one needs to find the barrier that stop us from experiencing infinite consciousness. Thus, the assumption that there is an “I” at work has to be demolished and it is only through meditation that…

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  • Integral Psychology And Multi-Level Analysis

    echo of what and how we ourselves are.” — Jean Gebser The actual word "integral" was used by the early 20th century Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo, who synthesized multiple strands of Indian spirituality and philosophy, combining them with a modern, scientifically informed consciousness to produce an "integral yoga” (Fraser,2008).As suggested in the previous section the reflection and consciousness as the important element to develop self-awareness and integrity in leadership. Using the…

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  • Examples Of Mind Body Dualism

    One of these objections is the assertion that life and consciousness cannot be explained by atomism, that pebbles do not laugh or organisms in test tubes do not live or introspect. Is this prospect of consciousness aside from atomism true, though? Materialism relative to individuals focuses mainly on brain states being identical with mental states or sensations. Do pebbles or lab organisms enclosed in tests tubes have brains and nervous systems? They do not. Animals, however, do. Animals are…

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  • Compare And Contrast Searle And Descartes

    Descartes’ position, and begins to outline the framework of his own conclusion. Searle asks of the reader to grant him just two features of consciousness, (1) that consciousness is caused by processes in the brain and (2) that conscious states are higher-level features of the brain, both of which have been narrowed down and proven by science. These two propositions provide the foundation of Searle’s conclusion, biological naturalism, and his refutation of dualism. If those two propositions are…

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  • Edna St. Vincent Millay

    to the reader’s thoughts of consciousness. She allows the readers to explore ways of coping in the midst of their challenges or struggles. Millay makes it possible for readers to experience her state of mind in the overwhelming beauty that exist in the world and God. The belief in God and His creation shapes our conscious. In “God’s World” Edna St. Vincent Millay uses comic irony to show that prayer…

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