The Dark Night Film Analysis

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The Dark Night trilogy set the gold standard for the characters Batman, and the Joker. Every casual movie goer or critic would tell you that the most recent portrayal of each of these characters isn’t as good as the Dark Night Trilogy characters. With the flop of Man of Steel, and Batman vs. Super Man, Warner Brothers, the company making DC films, wanted to take a lot of control away from directors, and unfortunately the first movie to take such directions was 2016’s “Suicide Squad” by David Ayer, produced by Warner Brothers Studios. This movie was ultimately a letdown to many people including myself, but it doesn’t take away from the movie still being good. The bar was set so high there was no possible way to meet it, let alone beat it, and thus it left some distaste in people’s mouths. Overall, this movie was a decent summer …show more content…
Though criticism isn’t necessarily good, it showed the brilliance of one of the best characters in the film, Harley Quinn. This is the first time the DC extended universe has ever had Harley on the big screen, and Margot Robbie shined as her. Harley’s backstory is more developed than most, making her more developed character than all of them, except maybe Dead Shot. Harley Quinn was always a much loved character in the DC fandoms. This love of Harley prompted her to have a successful debut on the big screen, and she did not disappoint. With catchy lines like “We’re bad guys, that’s what we do,” and “Puddin,’” she was both a very funny character and a relatable one with her playful demeanor. She was important to the plot, was both funny and endearing, and created a legitimate big screen version for Harley in which will be looked to on how to play her well. She was incredibly on her own, but what makes her even better is her dynamic with both the Joker and Dead

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