Technology In Project Wild Thing

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Technology is all around us; continuously updating our daily lives, and arguably upgrading our everyday routines. The way technology has altered the way we view the world is by ensuring that we rely on it, making our worlds ultimately evolve around it. it is all pervasive and influences every aspects of our existence in the Western world.
Technology at its simplest can be defined as desirable consumable electronic goods such as IPads, mobile phones and laptops. Marxist theorists associated with the Frankfurt school view technology as a means to sell us products which then makes us want to associate with technology more. However does advertising create the desire? Or is it just feeding from the desire that already exists? As Frankfurt school
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But is this access to Technologya postive thin? Or is the prevalnce of technology exerting a more sinister power over our children? Technology determists might aruge that itus technology that holds the power here, rather than people. Neil Postman can support this as he says that “technology is an autonomous force acting on its users”.
Project Wild Thing Project Wild Thing is a documentary film is about how Journalist David Bond wanted to get children out into the outdoors using the one thing distracting and limiting them from experiencing the outdoors, technology. As mentioned above, much has been written about the fact that within the Western world children spend less time outdoors as they find themselves busy being glued to technological devices such as tablets, phones, televisions and computers, this can be supported by the telegraph article about Toddlers becoming so addicted to iPads they
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This leads to many young children becoming isolated due to believing if they don’t have the latest devices they have less shared experiences which then lead to these young children becoming fragmented, rather than feeling as if they belong to a unit. For example now days when children are together all they ever talk about is the games they have on their deceives and if their friends have played it, and those that haven’t feel left out. A way these deceives such as smartphone, tablets, laptops and the television impact the young children is through the observation of the internet. Before the deceives you had to be at home in order to use the internet as the only deceive that children could asses with the internet was the desktop computers, this meant that young children had to be home in order to access both a device as well as the internet connection, as the only portable deceives which were capable to connect to the internet were the young children’s parent’s phone and laptops. However now does there even children tablets which allow them access to the internet where ever they go due to the internet connection of Wi-Fi which is a facility permitting computers, smartphones, tablets plus additional devices to link to the Internet or communicate with one another wirelessly within a

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