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  • Analysis Of Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf

    states that although Valenti stated that it was wrong to bicker over the content of a film in his memoirs, even though in 1966, he was “arguing with grown men and women over these matters” (Lewis, 2002). Furthermore, the widely publicized censorship case of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf was presented as a movie that received an “exemption”, even though the screenplay was edited involving the removal of the phrase “screw you”, and the retention of phrases such as “hump the hostess”, and numerous “God damn” phrases in Elizabeth Taylors’ character dialogue for Virginia Woolf. (Nichols, 1966) As stated beforehand, the economic pressures from foreign movies pushed big studios, like Warner Bros to create movies like Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. In the case of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Warner bros. was prepared to create and market the film, whether or not the MPAA placed their arbitrary seal of approval. Furthermore, Jack Valenti implies that he, as well as the MPAA memebers were influenced by the “changing times” (Valenti, 2005) of the 1960’s, which I believe is a convenient interpretation of History used by Jack Valenti upon looking back on the period. This is not a paper on the turmoils of the 1960’s, but I can assure you that the old order wasn’t readily adaptive to the counter-culture of the mid…

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  • Business Analysis Of The Walt Disney Company And DC Entertainment

    On the other hand, DC Entertainment is currently owned by Warner Brothers, which is a subsidiary to Time Warner. Time Warner is broken up into 3 main segments, which includes Turner, Home Box Office and Warner Bros. As of the 2015 - 2016 television season, Warner Brothers was ranked as the number 1 producer of primetime television series in the United States. The Warner Brothers segment consists primarily of the production, distribution, licensing of television series and feature films. In…

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  • The Studio System: The Success Of Early American Cinema

    The studio system was essential in the success of early American Cinema. It ensured that total control of the movies belonged to the biggest studios in Hollywood that made them (Classic Hollywood Central Editors, 2011). The ‘Big Five’ created the studio system to ensure they made the most profit. The ‘Big Five’ consisted of 20th Century Fox, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Paramount, Warner Bros., and RKO Radio. There were three smaller studios close behind: Universal, Columbia, and United Artists…

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  • The Impact Of The Great Depression On The Hollywood Industry

    Depression was triggered by a rapid decline in values of stock at the New York Stock Exchange in the fall of 1929. During this time, the national income had been cut in half, over nine million savings accounts evaporated, and five thousand banks had collapsed. Such a terrible economic climate inevitably impacted the entertainment industry, specifically Hollywood. In response to these times, the film industry created a studio system in which only the most important of films were produced by one…

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  • Everybody Comes To Rick's: Movie Analysis

    Casablanca, a world renown film with many Academy Awards, was filmed based off of the play Everybody Comes to Rick’s. Casablanca is a movie directed by Michael Curtiz and was released in 1943. Everybody Comes to Rick’s was a play written by Murray Burnette and Joan Alison, written 1940. On the cover of the movie poster, Burnette and Alison are not mentioned. This has become a very controversial topic whether or not Burnette has gotten enough credit. “The play was not produced when the Warner…

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  • The Great Gatsby Poster Analysis

    movie poster, underneath the credits, a website for the movie can be found for the audience to visit to get more information before the release. Ethos was used in the same way on this poster just like the last one. The main character in this film is played by Leonardo DiCaprio whom as won an Oscar and 89 other awards. He has also played in 38 other films. The poster also shows the audience that the film was coming from the director of other popular movies such as Romeo and Juliet and Moulin…

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  • Harry Potter Research Paper

    Over the course of 10 years all of the Harry Potter film props, stages, and backdrops were able to stay in the Leavesden Studios, allowing for true consistency with filming. The studios are now owned entirely by Warner Brothers; making it the only Hollywood film studio with permanent studio in the United Kingdom. (Puig) After Warner Brothers acquired the property they invested more than 100 million dollars into the property to turn it into a one-stop magical adventure for Harry Potter fans of…

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  • Flags Of Our Fathers Film Analysis

    possibly of “exposure,” and he received no autopsy. As Ebert explained in his review, America was ready and willing to overlook Ira’s perceived otherness through his heroic acts, but not through treating him as a fellow American. The film’s progression lies in its portrayal of a Native American as a human being, and by including the brutal reality of the racism against Native Americans in this time period through derogatory remarks. Ira is portrayed as an equal to the other soldiers, as none of…

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  • Analysis Of American Film: The Hero's Quest

    to any kind of film, from drama to comedy. This story style also is the easiest to follow, as the audience can follow a simple story just like the ones they hear back at home. While on the subject of that, comparing to American films, other international films follow a different style of storytelling. It’s not sure that non-American films have a formula like American films do. Whether the film is from Bollywood or Paris, it all depends on what the director and producer has to offer. Some…

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  • Equus Film Analysis

    effect on his career. Daniel Radcliffe played the character when he was 17 and he chose to appear nude on stage. This scandalous element had nothing to do with Daniel Radcliffe’s age, because the legal consent age in Britain is 16. The reason it was a scandal is because Daniel Radcliffe was a child star and was extremely well known for his role in the Harry Potter films. Many critics and members of the media were worried that the public would boycott the Harry Potter franchise, because parents…

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