Aristotelian ethics

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  • Aristotelian Ethics

    my life around, however I do not fall within his ethics as a lifestyle. I strive to ensure rules and regulations are followed strictly and precisely. I had lost much of my passion for life. I joined the United States Army at the age of 17, just months after September 11, 2011. My family tradition to uphold our great nation 's lifestyle was my only concern. Raising my right hand to say those words, “I, Theresa Rose Spohrer, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President…

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  • Case Study: Aristotelian Virtue Ethics

    1) According to Aristotelian virtue ethics, the use of this nootropic drug can be considered morally right. Firstly in the perspective of college students, in the pursuit of happiness, or in their case success, this cognitive drug is nothing to scoff at. It allows them to perform at their personal best which will eventually result in their happiness or having a good life, a value of eudaimonism. This is especially true since there are no side effects that would cause said good life to take a…

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  • Aristotelian Ethics In Aristotle's Billy Budd

    Ethics Happiness by living a good life is the objective that we should be aiming as humans, is one of the main point made by Greek philosopher Aristotle. Everything we do in our day-to-day activities should be towards happiness. Happiness is the only mean to an end itself. Claggart’s actions are ultimately motivated by his suppression of his homosexual desires, can also show us an important inside in Aristotelian ethics. The inside is that the Aristotelian goal of having a well-lived human…

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  • Aristotle's Ethical Theory: Aristotelian Virtue Ethics

    disciplines of philosophy all overlap. His view of the four causes and his view of psuche both play an important role in developing his ethical theory. Although Aristotelian virtue ethics has been scrutinized for thousands of years, its adaptive nature has kept it a prevalent ethical theory, even in contemporary philosophy. What stands out from other ethical theories and is the most crucial element of Aristotle’s…

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  • Aristotle's Definition Of Courage Analysis

    In Book III of The Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle begins his lengthy discussion on courage. Aristotelian courage is defined much differently than the way modern Western society understands courage. Currently, law enforcement officers, military servicemen, people suffering from certain diseases, or people living in poverty are held up indiscriminately as courageous. In the case of soldiers or law enforcement officers, culture sees courage in their willingness to face danger, in some cases even…

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  • Kantian And Aristotelian Analysis

    actions. There are two views precisely on this idea that I will analyze. The first view, associated with Kantians, is based on duty, (Kant, 320) while the second view, associated with Aristotelians, is based on virtue (Aristotle, 130). The view generally associated with Kantians and the view generally associated with Aristotelians both have their similarities and differences; those which make them appealing, and those which make them clash with one another. In this paper I’ll argue for reasons…

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  • The Idea Of Virtue In Machiavelli's The Prince

    The major concern of Machiavelli is how states should be run and not how morals are to be followed. The Prince must be a beast if necessary. In the notorious chapter XV111 of The Prince, he advocates that The Prince be a mixture of the lion and the fox. The quality that a prince must have is virtu. This virtu can as J. H. Whitfield correctly suggests, mean 'virtue'. But as he further states, 'basically, virtu is the exercise of his freedoms by the man of energetic and conscious will' [13]. This…

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  • Sophie's Choice Movie Analysis

    Sophie’s’ Choice Sophie’s choice is a film adaptation of the novel Sophie’s Choice by William Styron. In the movie adaptation, Sophie, which is played by academy award winner Meryl Streep, is a polish immigrant, and survivor of the Nazi invasion. The most known and shocking scene from the movie was when Sophie made her infamous choice. In the movie, she was forced to choose which of her two children were to die in a gas chamber. This scene is a common topic discussed in Ethics. Was choosing a…

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  • Can We Teach Character Analysis

    Introduction This review is intended to explain and analyze how business ethics class helps the student to understand and realize their values. Ultimately, practicing these values. In the article “Can We Teach Character? An Aristotelian Answer,” the author Edwin M. Hartman applies Aristotle’s view of ethics and his thought of virtues to support his claim that good character is teachable, and business ethics class would have cultivated good moral values to students. I believe that typical ethic…

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  • Bittorrent: An Ethical Analysis Of Bittorrent

    In the second section a background and significance of the problem is issued, in subsection 2.1 a music industry controversy will be illustrated. Section three discusses the ethical aspect of BitTorrent, in subsection 3.1 a Kantian ethical point of view is given, while in subsection 3.2 and 3.3 a Utilitarian and Aristotelian (respectively) philosophical questions are asked. In section three a global aspect is given which contrast BitTorrent in India and the United States. Finally, section 4…

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