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  • Arizona State University Core Classes: Case Study

    Purpose: The purpose of this proposal is to request the Arizona State University to provide more core classes at the West campus. Summary: The problems that I found is the W.P. Carey School of Business does not provide enough core class for their students. According to the ASU record in 2015, the W.P. Carey had 12,009 undergraduate students on their campus. With this amount of student, the school should have more classes available for them to enroll. However, some of the core classes are not provided in all campus. One of them is the Organizational Behavior class. The school only provides this class at Tempe and it only provide 3 different sections that have only 40 seats available per section for the student. It also provides 1 online…

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  • What Is Technology Acceptance Model To Affect Student Performance At Arizona State University

    Introduction Walking around a college campus, you will see a large number of students looking at their smartphones. Usage of smartphone devices has risen year after year among students entering college with 83 percent reporting to regularly use a smartphone in 2014, up from 72 percent in 2013. (Stansbury, 2014, p. 2) With this reality, Arizona State University (ASU) students are entering college with a variety of experience and, presumably, expectations on using mobile apps while in college. The…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Arizona State University Journey

    I can honestly say that it feels amazing and even though I am technically finished yet, I still have that feeling of accomplishment. The only aspect of my Arizona State University journey is that my mom passed away before she had the chance to see me finish and walk on graduation. It is extremely difficult to think about her not being there to see me walk across the stage. I am going to finish strong. I am dedicating this accomplishment to her. She put up with so much of my crap while growing…

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  • Sun Devil Fitness Complex In Arizona State University

    If you spend time on the Arizona State campus you will quickly learn that the Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFC) is one of the most popularly used places by the students of the university. With prime location directly on the far end of the palm walk, it gives everyone from all sides of campus the access to a state of the art gym and the opportunity to stay in shape and socialize with friends here on campus; however, when people first think of the SDFC they generally think of lifting weights and…

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  • Short Biography: Jennie Finch As An American Softball Player

    style perfectly (“Jennie Finch Biography”). After receiving multiple offers, Jennie Finch decided to play for the University of Arizona under coach Mike Candera. Unfortunately, Jennie did not originally pitch for Arizona her freshman year, but she continued to show her incredible talent at first base and in the batter 's box (“Jennie Finch”). “In playing first base at University of Arizona she led the team in doubles (14) and extra base hits (21) and she was second on the team with homeruns…

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  • A Career In Broadcast Journalism

    In order to become successful in this industry, I must first earn a degree in Broadcast Journalism. I plan to attend Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication to receive a well educated degree. They are known for having an innovative broadcasting program that keeps all students updated on the most recent techniques for newscasting. This business is undoubtedly an atmosphere of working for what you want and working your way up to the top. In the…

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  • Career As A Social Worker

    Yet in Arizona, you can start your career job with a bachelor’s due to the different regulations. Since I am willing to get my bachelor’s first, then my master’s, having a bachelor’s in Arizona will get me into a Social Work job quickly. In the Social Work field, the clinical and healthcare areas interest me. A clinical social worker will usually help individuals work toward meeting their goals. It often involves referring the clients to offices and facilities that offer services they may need.…

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  • Career Information Systems Analysis

    In today’s world computerized career information systems are very important, as students rely in technology to learn about career development. Two of the career information systems that I had the opportunity to explore are Arizona Career Information System (AzCIS) and Iseek careers. Both systems present useful information for students who are interested in exploring furthering their education or interested in entering the workforce. AzCIS and Iseek systems are easy to read and understand and…

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  • Northern Arizona University Case Study

    Overview of the organization and mission. Northern Arizona University (NAU) is a public university that opened in 1899 as the Northern Arizona Normal School. In 1966, it became Northern Arizona University as it is known today. Located in Flagstaff, Arizona with a current enrollment of 30,368. NAU, a doctoral university with higher research activity, offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees across a number of disciplines. A unique quality of the university is the early exposure to…

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  • Webfinance, Inc.: Case Study

    Stakeholders include any person, group, or organization that has an interest or concern in a particular decision or situation (WebFinance, Inc. , 2015). I have identified four major stakeholders directly involved in the decision I make concerning the chemical refinery. These include: (a) the Navajo nation and surrounding communities, (b) the chemical refinery company, (c) potential shareholders, and (d) me. The Navajo nation and the surrounding communities are extremely impoverished. The…

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