Animal Research Uses

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Use of animals in research
Is it fair use animals for obtaining medicines and products that will benefit man? This is not a form of exploitation? Currently, the use of animals in scientific researches has been widely debated. On one hand, the activists claiming that it is a cruelty with animals, in another hand the scientific community says that is impossible to change completely the method. There are reports that animals have been used by humans since of the age of Aristoteles. From that time the animals have been becoming indispensable for the science advancements. We are aware that some of those studies may cause some pain in the animals, such as the methods used in the cosmetic industry causing skin burns in test animals. However, without
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These methods seek ways to replacing some “cruel” methods for methods less painful, reducing the number of animals involved in the study and also mitigate as much as possible any pain or stress caused in animals. During a scientific research, the animals must receive all necessary care. Animals suffering abuse can ruin a search, change your results, take away their funding and barring its publication in scientific journals. To replace completely the use of the animals is very difficult because even though we having some good alternative methods many researches really need to use animals because the deficiency of reliable methods. The Brazilian scientist and former coordinator of the National Council for the Control of Animal Experimentation, Marcelo M. Morales, Said, “Apesar dos esforços feitos para encontrar methods alternativos ao uso de animais, poucos avanços foram obtidos para se possa excluir essa praticas das pesquisas cientificas.” [despite the efforts made to find alternative methods to animal use, few advances have been obtained for this practice can be excluded from scientific researches.] (Morales, “Ciencia e cultura”)
Therefore, the activists in favor of the prohibition of the use of animals in researches use the argument of the tests cause pain and stress in animals. However we are aware that so much affords have been done to mitigate the abuse and to change completely this method is impossible because of the lack of reliable methods and the humanity owes much to all of the advances of the medicines coming from researches using animals. Going forward more researches should be done to find methods even more painlessly and to make more effective the focalization in research companies and

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