The Importance Of Hydraulic Fracturing

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Why was your research and investigation important in advancing your knowledge on your topic?

My research and investigation was important because it helped me to understand my topic, “Is Hydraulic Fracturing Environmentally Safe?” In order for me to have persuaded my audience with my claim I needed to research my topic from both points of view. Those who have researched the topic and feel that hydraulic fracturing is not environmentally safe but also those who defend and believe it is. The following exercises helped me through the process of research and writing my paper:

Topic Selection
Before we started on our paper we had to select our topics and proposed them to the group. I had two in mind but I think I always knew I wanted to write
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I had a printout that outlined my topic (hydraulic fracturing), my opinion on the topic, supporting arguments, evidence for the arguments, and my counter arguments with a refuting counter argument. I used the feedback I received from my classmates and Dr. Pisano to review my outline with a new perspective. I was then able to rework my outline and add any additional information to complete this task. Classroom participation and feedback was vital to my success.

Research Essay Draft
I used my outline to start writing my draft, and I thought I had everything in place then I found myself struggling with the order of my information. I knew I had over thought the process and starting doubting how I was writing my paper. The eLearning info suggested stepping away and taking a break from the paper. I then came back to the task and reread, reordered and rewrote the sections that needed work. This process really helped me dive deep and really work through my thoughts and ideas.

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The discussions help me to see what we had in common, what worked for us and what we were struggling with. Just to have that support helped a lot and gave me a break from my own paper – just reading and reviewing my classmate’s paper gave me a clear perspective on my own paper. This was a very useful exercise for me and I’m quite sure for my peers.

Reflecting on Revisions
The eLearning materials we received throughout this writing process were great. In this section I was able to focus on my paper and make sure all my in cited work was correct that my thesis was added to my introduction and I read my paper out loud to myself and several of my family members. All the exercises help me to correct and improve my final paper.

Finally, I would like to add that this class helped me to better organize, formulate my ideas and thoughts so they made sense to my targeted audience. The research and investigation process was important for me to accomplish my final goal of writing my paper.

I want to take this moment to thank my classmates and Dr. Pisano for all your help and constructive feedback. I wish you all well and good luck!

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