Expository Essay Analysis

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When assigned to write an expository essay, I felt sort of confident. I knew that although it seemed pretty lengthy, there would be no problem reaching the minimum page requirement. Partly because the essay was centered around exposing an issue, and most issues are followed by long arguments. Before I even began to write my expository essay, I of course needed a topic. The search for a topic was one of the hardest parts in the beginning. I knew that the topic chosen would have an immediate impact on the outcome of my essay. Most importantly, the topic had to be of some interest to me; otherwise it could have turned out to be very tedious to write about something that really did not appeal to me. At the same time, I could not have a strong opinion …show more content…
This assisted me in seeing the approach that my peer took in organizing his paragraphs. Some failure in their transitions from paragraph to paragraph made me reconsider the transitions in my own paragraphs. What was more helpful was the chance to once again be able to read our completed drafts of our essays (with the introduction and conclusion completed) to another peer. As I read my own essay out loud I picked up slight errors in my writing. Reading out loud helps because I know that if I stumble on some words while reading it must signify that I can probably rephrase what I have written so that the sentence may flow more smoothly. When I proofread I begin from the start and just read the essay out loud. As I read it, I am looking for any error whether it is a grammatical error or awkward word choice. If I see a repetitive word throughout my essay, I try to switch it out for something subtler. This is so that the audience who will read my essay does not get bored of the same word used multiple times. Overall, I am satisfied with the effort that I put in while writing my essay. As much as I did struggle a bit, I learned a lot of other ways in tackling an essay. Most importantly, I enjoyed discovering new information of the topic I had

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