Hydraulic Fracking: The Consequences Of Fracking

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Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is one of our nation 's biggest issues. Fracking is very harmful to us, our country and everything in it. Fracking contaminates drinking water, pollutes the air, leaves a ton of waste water, harms the wildlife and their habitats, and release toxic chemicals everywhere else. Hydraulic fracturing is currently receiving a lot of attention everywhere. So the question is, do the benefits of hydraulic fracturing outweigh the consequences? Although fracking seems quite recent, its history can be followed all the way back to 1862 before a battle in the Civil War in Fredericksburg, VA. Colonel Edward Roberts blowing up bullets in a well that blocked a battlefield. He evolved it into something he called superincumbent …show more content…
There should be regulations on where and when you can frack and how often. Companies that frack should be held up to certain standards. According to the New York Times, we should ensure drilling safety and “allow government workers to inspect and approve safety and integrity of concrete barriers that line fracking wells and publicly disclose chemicals used in the fracking process and within thirty days of the operation.”
Experts also say that there should be standards to guarantee safety around the jobsite. For example, companies should have to keep fracking chemicals securely around the fracking sites. They should also “have to write detailed information on well geology and submit it to the Bureau of Land Management.” There are 112,839 registered wells in the US as of October 25, 2016, and these wells should be secure 24/7.
As you can see, fracking is a very serious matter and must be handled immediately. The consequences outweigh the benefits when it comes to hydraulic fracturing. Whats a few jobs compared to to all these. Fracking causes atrocious pollution and we must fix that. It will be the biggest thing for the president to fix this coming election. The question is, do you want to see a problem that produces 280 billions of toxic wastewater in a year go by like nothing is

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