Van Hiele Theory: Freedom Quilts And The Underground Railroad

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The Van Hiele Theory applies to the article “Freedom Quilts and the Underground Railroad.” The three level of Van Hiele are used in the Freedom Quilt Activity. These three levels are recognizing figures by their appearance, recognizing/analyzing figures by their properties or components, and forming abstract definitions and classifying figures by their elaborating on their interrelationships. Students will be scaffolding as they are analyzing the shapes. At the second part of the activity, the students will discuss what they see in quilt patterns, and how they understand the properties of shape. They will discuss how the different shapes are used as symbolism in quilt patterns (p. 319). This part of the activity applies to Van Hiele’s level …show more content…
I learned so much about the history of quilts and how much of an impact it had on America. I learned that Clara Barton made quilts as maps to help slaves escape. They made quilt codes by using geometric patterns. They made these quilts without rulers, protractors, or other tools, instead they used their body parts such as fingers and hands. The Freedom Quilt Activity would be a fun and interactive activity that students would like. It allows students to be creative and get-along together. I think it would be a great learning experience for students because it allows them to experience the life of those slaves who could not read or write. It allows them to appreciate history, geometry, quilts, and geology. I think it encourages them to reason and think critically. The article made me realize that quilts are just for decorations but that they are part of history. I do not think many people know the importance of quilts. Reading the article made me appreciate other hobbies such as painting, sculpturing, drawing, and singing because they all play an important part in our history. These hobbies tells us about the past. When I become a teacher, I will use this teaching method because I think it is a good way to introduce students the Underground Railroad, quilting, and the concept of shapes. I would probably have the students use tools rather than their body parts because the body parts are inaccurate. Each students’ body parts are different sizes and the students would have difficulty with

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