7 Ways Siblings May Have Shaped You By Lindsey Lyon

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In the article "7 Ways Siblings May Have Shaped You" by Lindsey Lyon, This article is about the different ways that siblings have on one another. Lyon purpose is to inform his audience that siblings impact each others lives. Her audience are people who have siblings, and to the non-believers that think siblings don’t shape each other lives. Lyon included experts opinions as major support to her claim. The author main concern is to inform the auidence that there are seven ways that siblings can shape each other lives. I share some beliefs, experiences, and values with the authors, but I also have some differences in the same areas.
Firstly, the author beliefs are that siblings have an impact on seven ways. Such as; they buffer stress, provide
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My mom has three kids two boys, and a girl. My dad has nine kids, I have five older brothers, (including my mom 's two boys) and three younger brothers. There was a point in time that I was the youngest of six on my dad 's side, and I was the one all the boys picked on. From an early age I was already well trained to handle myself, in a confrontational situations. I remember battling my older brother for almost everything, ranging from a particualr seat in the car, to a seat a the dinner table. Although it could be tough growing up with a herd of boys, it did have its perks. Being the only girl around I always got what I wanted, maybe that is why they picked on …show more content…
having older brothers to look up to is something that I have always been grateful for. In comparison with Lyon I believe that siblings are each other first friends. Even though me and brothers had our differeneces in the past, they all are my closest friends. Also another similarity is that we both believe that older siblings inspire the younger ones to be different from them (Lyon, 2009, para 9). Both the author and I value that siblings are the people that turlu shape our lives. My mom 's oldest child (my dad 's third child) Dontreze always remind me to make better decisions than he did. During Dontreze senior year he was home-bound because of behavioral issues, and he is always on me about school to make sure I succeed. Next, "children who grow up with an opposite –sex siblings can be incredibly advantage" (Lyon, 2009, para 11). The author and I agree on this claim because I feel as if I do have an advantage because of my older brothers. Growing up around them I realized a lot about boys my friends with brothers didn 't know at the time. Like how they actually act when girls weren 't around, and how they talked about girls. They gave me tips on what and what not to do, and how I deserved to be treated.
In conclusion, the author of "7 Ways Siblings May Have Shaped You" gave may reason on how siblings have shaped lives. Those who do not agree that siblings may have shape each others

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