Importance Of Musical Chairss

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Music is playing, blasting from the stereo, while a group of six and seven-year-olds walk and dance in unison around the long row of opposite-facing chairs, laughing and trying to focus. There is a sudden silence which causes all of them to scramble to take a seat. All but one little boy is able to grab a seat. He pouts and walks to the side of the room where he sits with folded arms, upset that he lost. The game continues in the same manner until there is a winner who receives a prize. Soon after the game has ended, he overcomes his loss then returns to playing with his friends. The organizers of the game chose to not reward each child with a prize. Children should be taught at a young age how the world usually works.
‘Musical chairs’ has
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For instance, these persons will understand that one cannot always obtain what is desired in an honest manner without hard work and determination. Nothing good comes easy. Hard work in this subject matter is winning a game of musical chairs. The winner likely has great agility, in addition to a timely response to the silencing of the music, thus remaining until the end and being rewarded for his noteworthy efforts. The happiness created when all the children are rewarded for merely participating in the game will eventually create a mentality where anyone can obtain what they want without giving his all. These individuals may later become problems to society.
The world can be a tough place so it is better to start learning from a young age how to deal with different real life situations. On occasion, significant life lessons are learned through some of the worst situations; they are taught the hard way. In the case of the musical chairs game, losing and consequently not receiving the same prize as the winner is learning the hard way that in life one does not usually obtain things without putting out his best efforts to achieve

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