The Importance Of Military Children

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Military children get to grow up in a different way than most because of their unique experience of being able to travel all over wherever their parents are stationed at. Michaela Ashe is one of many military children here at GSW. She has had the opportunity to live overseas and was able to travel to many different countries because of her father being in the military. Right before she came back to America she lived in Belgium for three years and because of this her family had to learn the cultural practices there. Also because Belgium being close to other countries she was lucky enough to be able visit other places and see other cultures as well. When Michaela’s family got the word that they had to leave America and go to Belgium it started …show more content…
SHAPE is where Michaela and her family lived at and where the children went to the international school for military children. While Michaela was at SHAPE’s school she learned everything about Belgium’s culture and language. Every Friday morning there would be markets that the people around the area would go to. During the holidays there would be a big holiday market that Michaela’s family would go to. During every holiday everyone would spend time with families and the homeless around the country. Also the food there was a lot healthier and they would give you more food than most places in America. During each meal families would spend more time with each other and communicating with each other. Typically, in Europe there is only the main course. They do not have a salad course it comes along with the main course. The culture was just so different from America it took time for Michaela and her family some time to get use to …show more content…
She had the opportunity to visit France, The Netherlands, Austria, Spain, and England. In America we all typically speak English but in Europe whenever you travel around there are many different languages. This was hard when Micaela was traveling because she had to know the basics of the language of what that country would speak before going. Michaela’s friends from SHAPE helped her with learning the language from all over because they remember how hard their experience was transitioning. While visiting other places in Europe Michaela was able to see other cultures as well. For example, while in the Netherland there were no cars because everyone walked or rode bikes. In Spain they had many street festivals and most of the area is colorful. Many restaurants in Spain used their resources and they got the amount of resources that they needed to be successful. Most of Europe is very resourceful and they do not waste. They spend quality time together and its quite different than America.
Overall, Michaela and her family had a great experience over in Europe but now they are glad to be back home. They learned so much about Europe’s cultural practices and how it was different from America’s. Though Michaela had some hard times adjusting to the new cultural, she learned more about other countries than she ever could through this

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