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  • Reflective Essay On Empathy With Students

    listening and interpersonal skills My time management skills are demonstrated through my commitment to extra-curricular activities and academic pursuits during my HSC and university studies. During Year 12 I successfully balanced my leadership role as a prefect, community involvement through regularly patrolling as a volunteer surf lifesaver, competitive gymnastics training, part-time tutoring and study. I recognise that maintaining a holistic approach to life is the linchpin of success and believe that balancing a broad spectrum of activities enabled me to remain focused and time conscious, helping me to achieve my academic goals and 99.95 ATAR. I have continued to develop my time management skills at university. Throughout this year I have balanced part-time tutoring, squash, swimming, surf lifesaving and managed to maintain an HD average for my first semester at university. Additionally, I am employed as an essay marker, marking over 15 essays weekly, with 500+ words feedback per script and have been selected as a publications subcommittee member for SUBS. My communication, listening and interpersonal skills are best demonstrated through surf lifesaving. It is paramount to be an active listener when interacting with patients as you cannot help without identifying the source of their pain. This can only be achieved through communicating with compassion and ensuring the patient trusts you. During patrols I have been involved in numerous incidents with lost children. These…

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  • Sociology: Personal Statement On The Relationship Between Crime And Crime

    by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Reading this has widened my view on inequality in society especially between the classes and my view has changed from what it originally was, not that I am saying I now have Marxist views I just recognise that there is more inequality between the classes than I originally thought that there were. In my free time I volunteer at Grantham Life Saving Club where I hold a Rookie Lifeguard Instructor qualification, and I teach younger children how to save lives both…

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  • Soul Surfer Movie Analysis

    For instance, Bethany grew up near the North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii, and started surfing at the age of four and competing at the age of eight. Also, Bethany has won the Hawaii Ezekiel Surf Into Summer Event, with her friend Alana placed third. As depicted in the film, the Rip Curl then offered a sponsorship for both girls, which they joyfully accepted. Alana and Bethany also snuck off the night before Halloween with some friends to go night surfing at Tunnels Beach. Although Bethany’s biography…

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  • The Paskowitz Family: The Life Of The Paskowitz Family

    The Paskowitz family is a family like no other consisting of Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz. Juliette Paskowitz, and their eight boys and one girl. They’re known as the first family of surfing because all they would do was surf all the time. Surfing was more than a hobby for this family it was a lifestyle. Most kids would go to school and their parents would go to work, but in the Paskowitz family the children didn’t go to school and their parents didn’t go to work. They also didn’t live in a…

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  • Surfboard Design History

    surfing in ancient Hawaii. Surfing was a deeply spiritual affair, from the art of riding waves itself, to praying for good surf, to rituals surrounding building a surfboard. Surfing was not only a recreational activity, it was also a training exercise for Hawaiian chiefs and a means of conflict resolution.…

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  • Bethany Hamilton: A True Hero

    She had a few influences and inspirations that stood out to help her. Her dad, Tom Hamilton, played a key role in helping Bethany overcome her condition. He never let her quit when she was unsure or disappointed in herself (“She’s an Inspiration”). Father Damien was her hero. He never let her get down or disappointed in herself. He helped her believe that God was with her and was going to get her through this rough patch of her life (Sandler 29). God was also a major person who helped her. She…

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  • How Does Literature Affect An Individual's Identity

    Fighting to Get Back on the Board by Bethany Hamilton, Rick Bundschuh, and Sheryl Berk proves that the quote is indeed correct. In the novel, Bethany endured a shark attack which would turn her life upside-down in a positive and negative way. For instance, she has lost one of her arms but has become a celebrity too. Either way, Bethany’s life has dramatically changed since the shark attack. One example that verifies the quote is the first time Bethany surfs after she has lost an arm from the…

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  • Hilbert Museum Analysis

    Hilbert Museum Assignment 1. After exploring the exhibit on Severson and Griffin at the Chapman Hilbert Museum, this exhibit contributed to a deeper understanding of the surf culture. Severson and Griffin were two passionate artists who loved nothing more than waking up in the morning and riding the waves. These two young men founded what is now known as the Surf Art Culture across America. Rick Griffin began surfing when he was 14 years old and has enjoyed the beauty of it ever since similar…

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  • Informative Speech About Surfing

    Surfing What is the best way to have fun at the beach? It's to go surfing. This is a famous Polynesian sport that has gnarly terminology. They also have various ways to surf. You may think you know almost everything about surfing, but you're wrong. I'm here to show a whole way to rip the waves. As you may know, surfing is mostly done in Hawaii because it's part of the Polynesian culture, but instead of originating in Hawaii it was first observed in Europe by Samuel Wallis and his crew, the…

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  • Famous Surf Research Paper

    Let me just clear the air before I start, I am a big man and by no means have I ever surfed or ever dreamed of surfing but it has always fascinated me in different ways. You may be asking yourself as to why I am writing about a surf apparel company that is centered around surf and beach life if I have no real interest in surfing besides the fact that only fit people can do it, and I can't. The reason why I chose this topic is not only the fact that a surfer bum hit it “big” but also the fact…

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