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  • Soul Surfer Movie Analysis

    The inspiring story of Bethany Hamilton, a young champion surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack, has hit the big screen. The biographical movie, ‘Soul Surfer’, is based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, was released on April 8 in 2011, starring Anna Sophia Robb, Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid and Carrie Underwood. Director Sean McNamara explains that ‘Soul Surfer’ is all about "the feisty unwavering attitude of a girl who never stopped believing in herself, her family or in the sheer beauty and thrill of being alive." Although the film was based on her real life events, many viewers can’t help but wonder what is really fact or how much is just… Hollywood? Actors, as active participants in a movie, aim to inhabit their character and adopt…

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  • Bethany Hamilton The Myth Of Greatness

    events that made that person great. Bethany Hamilton was one of those people who is defined as great. Bethany Hamilton is both brave, and dedicated. Bethany has never given up her dreams even after a shocking yet horrifying incident occurring only at the age of fifteen. Bethany’s story of courage can easily be categorized the same as both “The Myth of Sisyphus” by Albert Camus, and “I Think Continually of Those Who Were Truly Great” by Stephen Spender. Both pieces of literature connect to…

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  • Bethany Hamilton Informative Speech

    hero Bethany Hamilton! Bethany Hamilton lives with her family on the island Kauai, Hawaii. She has two older brothers and her dog Ginger. Her whole family surfs. Bethany was a pro surfer by the time she was 13. She surfed with her best friend since childhood Alana Blanchard. Her family are active…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Bethany Hamilton

    Tyrel Hinson Bethany HAMILTON It was Halloween 2003.Bethany Hamilton was in her zone surfing. She was looking for a gnarly wave. Out the wave comes a big tiger shark, and her was on her like white on rice. After the attack they rush her to the hospital. She was in phantom pain! Thinking her arm was there. But it wasn’t. Few week later she was ready to back in the water. She trying getting on her board she tried and tried but it didn’t work Her dad said” try it…

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  • Bethany Hamilton: A True Hero

    “Strive to find things to be thankful for, and just look for the good in who you are!” (“Bethany Hamilton Quotes”). These are the words of a very strong person who many look up, too. Bethany Hamilton is a very strong and determined person who many would call their hero, even with her disability. She was raised in a home of surfers and could not bare to lose her surfing. Bethany may have been bitten by a shark and live with no arm but she is a very fierce competitor. She is an individual that…

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  • Bethany Hamilton Research Paper

    Bethany Hamilton: Shark Attack In 2003, Bethany Hamilton was attacked by a shark while surfing (Zee 7). An amputation was performed on her arm, which in turn, helped save her life (O’Shel 21). Since the attack, Bethany has regained her life and has inspired many others to continue fighting through their own struggles. When an amputation is performed, many people choose to have a prosthetic limb. An amputation is a procedure that surgically removes all or part of a limb on the body. People who…

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  • Bethany Hamilton Being A Hero Essay

    hero; family and friends are often considered a hero to someone. Bethany Hamilton is a hero to many. She was born and raised on a surfboard and had dreams of going professional, and she was not going to let a single obstacle restrict her from achieving that goal. Bethany was majorly influenced by God, and believed that everything happened for a reason; she never…

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  • Bethany Hamilton: A Short Story

    Thirteen year old girl named Bethany Hamilton was a surfing champ, but one day all that could have changed. On Halloween of 2003 she was surfing with her friend Alana and Alana’s brother Byron as well as their dad Holt. Bethany was a few hundred yards away from the others waiting for a wave. Next, thing you know Holt, Alana, and Byron rushed to help Bethany. Bethany was attacked by a shark. They had to act fast or she could die. Holt got to a reef with Bethany and Alana, while Byron was rushing…

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  • The Moral Value Of Courage In Soul Surfer By Bethany Hamilton

    Soul Surfer: A Survivor She was bitten by a shark, but her Bethany’s big courage motivated her to recover and get back to the surfboard. The novel Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton is about a girl named Bethany whose arm was bitten by a shark making her ability to surf almost “impossible” There are lots of historical events that cover the same theme of courage. Two courageous surfers that rescued a man that was drowning in the turbulent ocean, a pilot that saved 155 lives by landing a plane on…

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  • The Importance Of Policy On Day-To Day Policy

    This means it is in the two final stages of the policy process: implementation and evaluation. Hamilton City Council members are part of local government, which is in the public sector. These people therefore are in charge of implementing the policy, and this is shown through the council website. Application forms are required, and the council then decides if they will agree to the road closure or traffic diversion. The Hamilton City Council is also responsible for the stage of evaluation. An…

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