Bethel School District v. Fraser

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  • United States Constitution: The First Ten Amendments

    right to a grand jury, prohibits double jeopardy, and shields them from self-incrimination. When it comes to the Fifth Amendment, one landmark case that applied it was Miranda v. Arizona. In this case, the Supreme Court concluded that offenders, who are apprehended, must be read their rights in regards to self-incrimination and their right to counsel, before law enforcement begins to interrogate them. In addition to the Fifth Amendment, the First Amendment has had its fair share of court cases. The First Amendment makes it a crime to create a law that initiates a religion, prohibits the freedom of expression, prevents individuals from carrying out their religion, ceases the press from printing and distributing what they choose to, and hinders people 's right to gather quietly or protest against authority. A few cases that were decided upon based on the First Amendment are as follows: New York Times v. Sullivan, Morse v. Frederick, Bethel School District v. Fraser and Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District. The Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District case establised the “disruption test” that many court cases that followed adhered to. The “disruption test” meant that an act of expression should be permitted within a school facility as long as it does not disturb school functions or attack the rights of another…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Standardized Test Scores

    determine whether or not a school should exist. The problems may not rest in the school, but rather in the students. Teachers might not have the resources to teach students, personal problems might stop students from succeeding, or the school, in general, the standardized test can be more biased . Additionally, students might not be fantastic test takers in general, and the test could be culturally biased. The test scores show school improvements, students can’t be forced to increase scores.…

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  • The Role Of School Boards And Superintendents In Public Schools

    “School boards and Superintendents each have distinct roles, but they must be innovative and use common sense in all areas; however they must remember that it is all for the students.” This quote confirms that in order for students to compete they must be supported by a school district that is led by a Superintendent and School board that has the vision and know how to give students what they need to succeed. This is shown in a High School that Works report entitled Improving Schools Requires…

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  • Should Tablets Be Allowed In Schools

    like tablets that can replace textbooks in the education field. Then, why tablets are not used in the educational field? Students who gain technological knowledge at an early age will be well prepared to pursue their future career. The school system should be required to use tablets in the educational field because the tablets contain different types of educational features, it protects the environment, and it has a preferable storage capacity and weight. Tablets are beneficial in many different…

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  • Should School Sports Get Paid?

    For some time, schools have been debating whether they should get rid of sports to help students improve their education. Many studies have found that schools that provide after school athletics are shown to have a lower academic rate. Therefore, school sports should be cut off because they are a distraction from school work, cost a great deal of money, and cause fatigue. Many student athletes know that their extra-curricular sports may take away from their education. According to the article…

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  • Analysis Of Civics: Bethel Vs. Fraser

    Vic Noll Civics Likens 3 January 4th, 2016 Civics CBA: Bethel vs Fraser On April 26, 1983, 17-year-old Matthew Fraser, a senior at Bethel High School in Bethel, Washington, spoke to a school assembly to nominate a classmate for vice president of the student government. Students were required either to attend the assembly or go to study hall. about 600 students attended this assembly, where Fraser gave a lewd, and inappropriate speech riddled with sexual innuendos. some kids laughed, others in…

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  • Implementing Classroom Technology

    years old in many cases. Technology moves so fast that it is a wonder that school districts are able to keep up. Technology departments are always on the look out to stay in front of the developments and keep districts on the cutting edge with devices and classroom instruction. This requires sound leadership and vision in order to achieve. The first consideration in implementing classroom technology is selecting technology. A central feature in selecting technology is the device, and for…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Equality In Schools

    some people are not treated the same as others. School funding in Iowa is one of these instances. Currently, there are schools in Iowa that are not getting the same amount of funding as others. The amount of funding that some school districts get per student has been significantly higher than others since 1971. With this money, they are able to give their students items like iPads. Meanwhile, classrooms in Davenport…

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  • Greenfield Union School District: Case Study

    The Greenfield Union School district is using a variety of methods to ensure adequacy and equity was attained in the development of the local control accountability plan (LCAP) for teachers, parents, and students. In reviewing the Greenfield Union School District LCAP there were clear needs and metrics analyzed that were used to set goals to support the improvement of student success and safety. During the first stages of the LCAP implementation process the goal of district personnel was to…

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  • Challenges In Urban Schools

    Urban schools districts in Illinois are facing challenges due to components such as size, high poverty rates, diverse communities and limited resources (Netzel &, Eber, 2003) In addition to this, the lack of effective discipline systems in urban schools districts often leads to difficulties in educating large number of students in urban communities. Waukegan School District, is an urban district in Illinois and is addressing efforts to meet the needs of students at risk of behavioral problems…

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