Benefits Of Tablets In The Education Field

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Due to the heavy weight of textbooks, millions of students develop back problems at an early age every year. With the modern days of technology, intelligent people created devices like tablets that can replace textbooks in the education field. Then, why tablets are not used in the educational field? Students who gain technological knowledge at an early age will be well prepared to pursue their future career. The school system should be required to use tablets in the educational field because the tablets contain different types of educational features, it protects the environment, and it has a preferable storage capacity and weight.
Tablets are beneficial in many different ways to students. Tablets contain educational features which can improve
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They would say that there is a disadvantage of tablets that students easily divert their mind in the games and social media whenever they are using tablets. However, there is also a solution for this problem. The school district can install a security system to prevent students from using social media. They can block the website which is not appropriate for students to use it. This way students will not be able to use social media or play games during school time and they will be able to pay attention in the classrooms. Some people also say that tablets can get lost easily by the students. To avoid this problem, school districts can also install an application to trace tablets that gets lost by the students.
Tablets are also helpful to protect the environment. Numerous trees are being cut down every day to make textbooks and workbooks for schools. Tablets can save all the trees that are being cut down every day for textbooks. There are plentiful papers used in schools every day for students’ assignments, tests, homework and other important things. Tablets can save all the trees that are chopped down every year that are used to make paper, textbooks, workbooks,
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Tablets can hold more information than heavy textbooks can hold. Tablets have the storage capacity that can store thousands of textbooks. Along with that, it can also store all the assignments, homework, tests, and important files for students and teachers. Students carry all the heavy textbooks with them in schools, which may harm the student. “The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that backpack-related injuries sent more than 7,000 people to the emergency room in 2001 alone” (“Backpack ...”). It would be better for students to carry only one tablet instead of heavy textbooks in their backpacks.
People would argue that if schools provide tablets to students, then it will cost even more for the technology and electric bill. However, printing all the homework assignments and buying textbooks for students every year will cost more money than to buy tablets for students. In New York times, Daniel Brenner, the Roslyn superintendent, said that “the iPads would also save money in the long run by reducing printing and textbook costs; the estimated savings in the two iPad classes are $7,200 a year”

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