Personal Narrative Essay: Boley County

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“I Grew Up Here”
Boley is a town in Okfuskee County. Oklahoma, United States. The population was 1,184 at the 2010 census, a gain of 5.2 percent from 1,126 in 2000. Boley was established in 1903 as a predominantly Black pioneer town with Native American ancestry among its citizens.
The Boley Public School District is one of the smallest public school districts in the state of Oklahoma.
For the most recent data available, it tied with Sweetwater for the smallest high school with 15 students.
For a combined district, K-12, Boley finished first, just ahead of Clarita (58) and Sweetwater (60), with (51) students.
Boley is also home to BBQ equipment maker, Smokaroma, Inc, and the John Lilley Correctional Center. The Boley Historic District is
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1959 Smokaroma founded.
1961 First of the Annual Boley Rodeo & Bar-B-Que Festivals.
1975 Boley National Historic District given landmark status.

1961 the first Boley rodeo and Barbecue festival one of my most favorite traditions it's so fun you get to see all your family members and a lot of friends there is food, nice clean cars.

Did I mention the food there’s big hot wings, potatoes on a stink covered with cheese and sprinkled bacon if you want it, huge watermelon, indian tacos, and there’s already fast food van’s, barbecue food vans, and pop buckets filled with juice,pop, and water every if you can spot them through all the people.

There’s so many people on Boley rodeo day some of them camp out some of them rent tints and have to pay parking just in somebody's yard it's a nightmare to drive through but better than a walk because of all the horses leaving their droppings everywhere.

If you have a four wheeler, doom buggy, or any type of atv vehicle you're lucky because driving one of those makes maneuvering through everyone and everything ten times
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The first time she ever came over to my house because my sister was doing her hair as a favor for me I felt so bad because I had to leave and go down the street to get my haircut so she was just sitting in the front room waiting for me to get done and get back but we both wanted our hair done before we went to the fair in Prague.

Strangely we've been together a year and a month and have not had are first date yet technically because everytime we go out were with other people not by ourselves.

This is my first real relationship and the longest relationship I've ever been in and I love who I'm with were like best friends and can talk about any and everything we can't go a day without talking and we can't go that long without seeing each other I'm not going to say are relationship is perfect we've been through trials just like everybody else and we are going continue to go through trials but were still together and I hope we stay together.

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