The 5th Amendment: The Fifth And First Amendment

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When it comes to the United States Constitution, the first ten amendments are most generally known as the Bill of Rights. These specific ten amendments were brought to congress in the year of 1789. These amendments were intended to guard the American citizen’s rights, as well as their property (Laws, 2015). In addition, these amendments were supposed to decrease the amount of power that the government had over the people. These original amendments were affirmed in 1791 through the method of voting; however they had to be affirmed individually utilizing a three fourths superiority vote of each one of the states in America (Laws, 2015). The two amendments that I will be further discussing within this paper are the Fifth and First Amendment. The 5th Amendment establishes a variety of rights related to criminal, as well as civil litigation 's. In felonious lawsuits, the …show more content…
These black armbands were to signify their protestation to the Vietnam War. School administrators informed the students that had to take off the armbands, however they refused which led to them getting suspended. With the help of their parents, the students took the school to court on grounds that their First Amendment right was taken from them. The Supreme Court agreed with the kids and stated that the right to freedom of speech did not end once an administrator or student enters into a school building. Although the courts agreed that students and administrators should be able to freely express themselves, there were some boundaries. The First Amendment promises must be counterbalanced in contrast to a school 's obligation to sustain control. The courts agreed that an act of expression should be permitted within a school facility as long as it does not disturb school functions or attack the rights of another student (Jacobs,

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