Why The First Amendment Is Important Essay

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Everyone in the U.S. has the same rights no matter what they look like or do. This is why United States of America is one the most flourishing countries in the world, because of it’s freedom. Of course, these privileges had to come from somewhere, and that is the Bill of Rights. On September 25, 1789, ten amendments were ratified by the congress of the United States. These Bill of Rights were created to protect the rights of the people. Furthermore, they included all the rights of the citizens living the U.S. Included in some of these rights were, the right to bear arms, the right to no excessive bails, and the right against unreasonable searches. However, there is one amendment that stands tall above the rest, one that is far more better than the other nine, this reformation is the first amendment. The reasons why this amendment is the most important improvement, is because it formed the nation, allows people to have the freedom of speech, and the freedom of assembly and religion. Firstly, amendment one formed this nation and made the U.S. how it is today. …show more content…
Speaking freely and being able to say what people want is taken for granted. To put it another way, many citizens do not realize that this has contributed in making laws and allowing civilians to express what they feel about the government. In some countries, the citizens do not have freedom of speech, and criticizing their government would result by being punished. One country in particular, North Korea, has very few rights and is the most repressive countries in the world (Sargent, Korea). Furthermore, if this right was not created, then the government would have more power than it should. Lots of people over the course of the U.S. history have had great ideas, if they were not able to express these great ideas than things

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