Why Is The First Amendment Important To Protect

Chase’s why the First Amendment is important to protect First let me elaborate on what the First Amendment entails. The First Amendment guarantees us the freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly. Having the First Amendment as it is today introduces people to lots of things that the government would probably have banned or prevented us from seeing if we didn 't have the First Amendment. the government could make it to where anyone who doesn 't agree with them cant voice their opinions which would prevent us from experiencing the things we can and do today. When the First Amendment is upheld by SCOTUS ( Supreme Court of The United State) it further fortifies it making are freedoms more secure. SCOTUS cases involving the First Amendment are important to learn about about because they can and will influence how the First Amendment is applied to all citizens. The First Amendment grants everyone the freedom to express their own religious …show more content…
The first amendment essential guarantees are freedom from a tyrannical government. One of the Things that makes the First Amendment super important to protect is the fact that. It enables the citizenry of the United States of America to voice their opinions to anyone willing to listen. This is beneficial because it enables the media to keep us informed even if the stories are sometimes biased (current presidential campaigns). If we didn 't have the First Amendment the United States could severely restrict all material and knowledge we receive. For example, we might not even be told about terrorism, or the fact the pentagon magically lost 6.5 trillion dollars. Just the fact that in a alternate timeline we wouldn 't know this should be enough to convince everyone it 's important so that our government can 't go wild with

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