Essay On Land Redistribution

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“We will never have true freedom until we abolish the system of agriculture which existed in the Southern States,” Francis. L. Cardozo. Post-Civil War, African Americans have been lifted out of slavery and it is in this crucial time period that we must act to guarantee their rights as equals. In regards to the Bill of 1866 and redistribution of land, I will be voting in support based on Constitutional ideologies, the “Sea Island Plan”, and suffrage & justice deserved for African Americans.
We can first look towards the Constitution to provide support for redistribution. The 5th Amendment in the Constitution states, “… nor shall any person… be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be
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A large flaw in this ideology though, is the whole background of what America, the “land of the free”, is supposed to be based on. J. McKaye best exemplifies this when he states, “No such thing as free democratic society can exist in any country where all the lands are owned by one class of men and are cultivated by another.” Previous slave owners currently own all the land and Freedmen have never been given the opportunity to own land. The North and South might still have trouble reconciling after redistributing the Southerner’s land, but for America to truly be united we need to stay steadfast in our founding democratic beliefs as citizens. Frederick Douglass notes that, “By law, by the Constitution of the United States, slavery has no existence in our country.” Slavery has been expunged and it’s up to the people of the United States to make sure reconstruction is successful. It’s necessary that we pass this legislation to guarantee true freedom for every citizen and for America itself in the long

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