Voting Rights Dbq

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All people are created equal and their rights have to be protected under the Constitution. However, African Americans seem not to be one of them because they have suffered discrimination and segregation for a long period. In order to change the situation, African Americans created the Civil Rights movement that gained people’s attention. The Voting Rights Act was one of significant Act in the Civil Rights movement because it changed AAs’ lives and get rid of inequal problems. The Voting Rights Act was a leading improvement because African Americans gained the right to vote and stood in their political positions.
African Americans were limited to have equality and carry out the voting right before Voting Rights Act was passed. Several events
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As he stated, “There is no constitutional issue here. The command of the Constitution is plain. There is no moral issue. It is wrong--deadly wrong--to deny any American the right to vote. There is no issue of states rights or national rights”(Johnson). His speech had promoted successfully the passing of Voting Rights Act. “The Voting Rights Act passed by a vote of 333-85 on July 9. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law on August 6, with Martin Luther King. Jr, and other civil rights leaders”( In the meantime, the Voting Rights Act made huge differences for black society. “In Alabama, the number of Negroes registered to vote has increased by 5.2 percent between 1958 and 1965 to a total of 19.4 percent of those eligible”(Katzenbach). The ascension of black voters displayed the achievement of Voting Rights Act. It was an essential point for African-American society to have their political …show more content…
Some groups of people challenged the Voting Rights Act because they didn’t have the awareness about the importance and demand of the act. Although the Voting Rights Act provided African Americans the right to vote, they still didn’t gain the equal conditions. The American government has to make a commitment that they will put their effort to insure all people 's’ rights. If people’s rights are not fully protected or took away, the American government have the responsibility to support those people and serve them to get

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