How Did Race Riots Influence The Civil Rights Movement

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Race Riots- many black leaders stressed nonviolence. Since the mid-1950s, King and others had been leading disciplined mass protests of African Americans in the South against segregation, emphasizing appeals to the the white majority.

Reconstruction, which transformed the role and status of African Americans, energizing every other cultural movement as well. At the same time, southern white resistance to the ending of segregation, with its attendant violence, stimulated a northern-dominated Congress to enact 1957 the first civil rights law since 1875, creating the Commission on Civil Rights and

prohibiting interference with the right to vote African americans were still massively disenfranchised in many southern states. A second enactment 1960 provided federal referees to aid African Americans in registering for and voting in federal elections.
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After Kennedy's death, President Johnson prodded Congress into enacting (August 1965) a Voting Rights Act that eliminated all qualifying tests for registration that had as their objective limiting the right to vote to whites. Thereafter, massive voter registration drives in the South sent the proportion of registered blacks spurting upward from less than 30% to over 53% in 1966.

The civil rights phase of the African american revolution had reached its legislative and judicial summit. Then, from 1964 to 1968, more than a hundred American cities were swept by race riots, which included dynamiters, guerrilla warfare, and huge conflagrations, as the anger of the northern African American community at its relatively low income, high unemployment, and social exclusion

exploded. the northern white community drew back rapidly from its reformist stance on the race issue. In 1968 the nation chose as president Richard M. Nixon, who was not in favor of using federal power to aid the

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