The Furry Of Ferguson Analysis

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The Civil Rights Act was passed on July 2, 1964, outlawing discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. It has been over fifty years and still today this Act is disregarded in a lot of parts of the country just as it was in Oxford, North Carolina in the 1970s. Reading about the aftermath of Henry Marrows murder and how similar the aftermath is to the death of Mike Brown last year showed me that even fifty years later our country still is dealing with racism and segregation problems.
While reading a book, you have to paint your own pictures but even from the opening pages I had already had Ferguson in my mind. Tyson started out the book with this graphic writing. “He was killed in public as he lay on his back, helpless,
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Louis on the Illinois side. The government, law enforcement, and jury should not be feared anymore, but the truth is that Ferguson still suffers from prejudice. Eighty-six percent of vehicle stops made by the police are African American. The article I read “The Furry of Ferguson” It really explains how smaller cities like Ferguson and others throughout the United States are suffering from poverty. The poverty leads to simple tickets not being paid, then leading to arrests on people and law enforcement treating them as criminals. Yes, Tyson and everyone living during this time period were living in total hell in confusion as a country, but living through Ferguson and seeing it with my own eyes really helped to show me how history really has not changed all that much in 60 …show more content…
Government filled with only whites deciding the fate of African Americans finally lead to an uprising from the African American communities. But just as the black power was growing for equal rights there was another group that was regrowing during this dark time in American history. The Ku Klux Klan was rebuilding during the civil rights movement. The people in the KKK all talked about religious beliefs of being Christians but after reading this book it showed me how similar the KKK was to current day ISIS. Both groups are built on extreme religious beliefs. Just as we saw the other night in Paris they had planned attacks. The KKK was no different trying to scare by burning a cross in your yard then to only come back and kill everyone they were trying to scare. The fact that our own government had a terrorist group walking American streets is disturbing. We are supposed to be “The land of the Free”, but how can you be free when crazy psychopaths are dressed in sheets, threatening to kill anyone that will support an African American. The KKK having a fear of not just blacks but whites as well is what really helped them to stay such a strong terrorist control for so many years. The KKK tactics are very similar to ISIS going across Iraq using fear to control people. Every American knows about what ISIS is doing but how many

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