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  • Essay On Star Trek

    pigs? If it digests, why not just try it out with a person with something they can treat in their stomach? I know, they have to do this, but it's always fun to see a rogue scientists try that stuff out on themselves, but then you end up getting a supervillain or…

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  • The Lego City Hero: Fact Or Fiction?

    The lego city hero wanted to have fun when they weren’t working. So superman thought of a idea. let's go on a adventure. Everyone agreed with superman and they started an adventure.First they went to the green lantern planet. So green lantern gave them a tour but they got bored of all the lanterns. So they went to atlantis where they had a party. But then atlantis was attacked by black manta. The black manta was defeated and so was atlantis. So they left the flooded area they headed for the…

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  • American Nihilism In Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction

    As previously stated, nihilism suggests that life is meaningless, and rejects any kind of religious and moral principles. Our society’s moral codes and ethics are fundamentally based on Judeo-Christianity, and since our society is slowly drifting away from religion, with nothing to replace it, we can only reach the conclusion that there is absolutely no objective truth, right or wrong, value and meaning in life. In Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, nihilism is a prominent feature, mostly…

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  • Marvel's Ant-Man Poster Analysis

    This is a movie poster for Marvel’s Ant-Man. The movie was directed under Peyton Reed and premiered in the United States on July 17, 2015. It is a PG-13 action/adventure film with a lot of science fiction. I believe you can tell just by looking at this poster that the movie looks suspenseful. I have seen the film and was very impressed with it and its elements. The creators of this movie poster are trying to tell a lot about this movie from everything that is included within it. The poster…

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  • Mark Bezos A Life Lesson From A Firefighter Analysis

    Mark Bezos: A Life Lesson from a Volunteer Firefighter “If you have something to give, give it now” stated Mark Bezos, a volunteer firefighter and head of development for Robin Hood; a non-profit company helping to fight poverty. After his first job as a volunteer firefighter he learned an important lesson, of which he shared through his inspiring, well-rehearsed Ted Talk, that caught the audience's attention. Bezos spoke about his experience at his first fire, where he was the second…

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  • 2.1 Watchmen Reflection

    1 Introduction: Consequences of defining moments “There are moments that define a person’s whole life. Moments in which everything they are and everything they may possibly become balance on a single decision.” – Jonathan Maberry (Maberry 34) In our daily life we are constantly confronted with situations in which we do not yet know how to react because they are new to us, shocking or just sudden and this challenges us. While smaller happenings like…

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  • Joker In The DC Universe

    well over 2,000 people. But despite having murdered enough people for such a death penalty thousands of times over, he seems to always found not guilty by reason of insanity. An unpredictable homicidal nature makes him one of the most feared supervillains in the DC Universe. Even in the Villains United and the…

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  • Pizza Man Short Story

    “Uggh Dr. Ninjhog has robbed another bank, I’ve got to go Tanner man.” Dr.Ninjhog was San Francisco’s greatest supervillain of the 21st century, he robs one bank a day without being caught, Nobody except himself knows how he is capable of this monstrosity . Pizza man is San Francisco’s greatest superhero, he fights the ninja hedgehog in the streets of San Francisco. “Pizza man, Dr Ninjhog has robbed yet another bank,” exclaims Tanner man, just then the hologram table switches to Dr. Ninjhog…

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  • Empathy Essay On Bullying

    I’ve had a lot of experience with bullies – most of my middle school experience was spent locked in an epic, emotionally-scarring battle of the ages against their kind. My case wasn’t nearly as extreme as Nadin’s, fortunately, but it took its toll in a different way. It was mostly non-physical harassment for me, with very light physical harassment whenever teachers weren’t looking (like tripping me up in the hallway, or prodding me with pencils/rulers whenever I sat within pointy-object range).…

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  • Batman A Death In The Family Analysis

    A death in the family When someone asks who the greatest superheroes of all time ask yourself which one did you consider the best, when I ask myself that question Batman and Robin both come to mind , because of their teamwork and how they stood for the greater good. The graphic novel I’ve decided to analyze is Batman: A death in the family written by Jim Starlin and published by DC comics in December of 1988. Batman a death in the family was far ahead of its time and brought something fresh…

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