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  • Empathy Essay On Bullying

    I’ve had a lot of experience with bullies – most of my middle school experience was spent locked in an epic, emotionally-scarring battle of the ages against their kind. My case wasn’t nearly as extreme as Nadin’s, fortunately, but it took its toll in a different way. It was mostly non-physical harassment for me, with very light physical harassment whenever teachers weren’t looking (like tripping me up in the hallway, or prodding me with pencils/rulers whenever I sat within pointy-object range).…

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  • Batman A Death In The Family Analysis

    A death in the family When someone asks who the greatest superheroes of all time ask yourself which one did you consider the best, when I ask myself that question Batman and Robin both come to mind , because of their teamwork and how they stood for the greater good. The graphic novel I’ve decided to analyze is Batman: A death in the family written by Jim Starlin and published by DC comics in December of 1988. Batman a death in the family was far ahead of its time and brought something fresh…

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  • The Horror Genre In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    gentlemanly Dr. Jekyll, he becomes free from all his attachments. Likewise, it is possible that this also appeals to us as individuals; the absence of all responsibility lets us release and settle down in relief. Similar to that of a superhero and supervillain, the villain who understands no consequences achieves a greater level of freedom. Although it may seem like we possess a menacing darkness within us, we also have a light side, a side that favors good and justice. As people who enjoy…

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  • Ancient Hercules Tragic Hero

    held opinions that would be glaringly outdated in today's world. These ideas are the reason why Greeks heard the story of a great hero with immense strength, while today, we hear a story that could be used as the sad backstory for a Hollywood supervillain. Philosophical contrast, the religious significance of his parentage, and his embodiment of the Greek ideal are the main reasons that Hercules was considered ancient Greece’s greatest hero. The deeply contrasting philosophies between modern…

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  • Spider Man Heroism

    Death is a common plot twist in superhero comics, and even A-Listers like Batman and Superman aren't immune to it. Spidey himself dealt with being dead for a couple weeks during "The Other" crossover several years ago. So why did the announcement of Superior Spider-Man garner such controversy? Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that Peter Parker wasn't just being killed off, but that his body was being stolen by one of his greatest villains. The ignominy of it all was too much to bear.…

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  • Rabid Cheetah: A Fictional Narrative

    "I'm sorry sir, but this floor is restricted. Since all donations are being collected here, it's off limits unless you have a pass." the tall, imposing guard orders me. An outline of a gun temporarily appears as he moves towards me. "Ohhh... I thought that there was a nice view here. Lex must have been confused." I sigh, quiet comedically. "Thanks for the warning." "Wait," the man gestures for me to stay. "Did Mr Luther send you?" he asks, nervous. "Yes. He said that it's pretty nice up…

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  • The Anthropocene Myth Summary

    Be it the human-discovery of fire or the advent of the steam engine, it is a popular notion to believe that humans are responsible for the shift in global climate. In fact, Paul Crutzen, Nobel prize winner for his work as an atmospheric chemist, proposed the idea that the human race has influenced the environment so much that there should be a geological epoch named after us: The Anthropocene. However, in Andreas Malm’s article, “The Anthropocene Myth”, Malm implores readers to think contrarily…

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  • What Is The Tension Between Romeo And Juliet Act 3 Scene 1

    English Assessment Task Romeo and Juliet Act III, Scene I AS SUPERHUMANS! By Andrew Walters Synopsis In Manhattan, New York City, two groups of superhuman groups are rivaled against each other due to their opposite opinions of what to use their powers for. Team Montague believe that they have been given these gifts to help and defend the world from immediate threats. The Capulet Brotherhood believe that they have been given this power to rule over the people that are inferior to them. These…

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  • Aliens: Movie Analysis

    1. The first time that I can recall encountering monsters, and heroes in popular culture is an unusual one, but none the less very powerful for me. It was when I first saw the film Aliens. That might not seem too weird, except that I watched it when I was in fourth grade. It was both a movie that was fascinating and repellent at the same time. It was fascinating for the world that it built, and these larger than life characters, that were throughout the movie. Yet for the same reason it was…

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  • Deadpool Character Analysis

    The comic book entity known as “Deadpool” has recently seen a large rise in popularity. Since Deadpool’s original inception in the Marvel universe, his character has been grossly misunderstood by many. After being showcased by Ryan Reynolds in the movie X-men Origins: Wolverine many fans were left with a bitter taste in their mouth because of the character’s poor implementation and the incredibly deviant portrayal which made the final cut. Since this disappointment, Deadpool’s cult following t…

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