Kid Impossible: A Short Story Of An Epic Hero

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Twenty years ago a terrible accident killed Jerry Craig’s parents. Orphaned, Jerry was adopted by his grandparents in Seattle where he discovered a shocking side-effect of his childhood tragedy: super powers. Able to transform himself into a flying idealized hero made of blue and white lightning, Jerry became Dynamo and had the kind of adventures a kid could only imagine. He befriended the brash teen hero with reality-altering abilities, Kid Impossible, fell in love with Miranda, the Rune Girl, and was eventually welcomed into the premier superhero team, First Line, by his idol and solar-powered champion, Solara. Then he grew up. Dynamo tells the story of a boy turned hero by a moment of senseless trauma, grown into a man lost between identities, facing off against a villain with a mirrored backstory and a terrible plan to make the whole world orphans. Now one of the most recognized heroes in the world with his own branded video game, Dynamo can spout catchphrases brainstormed by his PR guy, Marco, and take selfies with the tourists—but he can’t put together a …show more content…
Solara is concerned about Jerry’s recent actions and demeanor and the release of his branded video game, Cape Fight, with cheap knockoffs of the other heroes in First Line. Disappointed in his judgement, Solara suspends Dynamo from the team.
After reconnecting with Skylark and sharing notes—Skylark found nothing but z-list villains and dead-ends at Tartarus—the two heroes set out to investigate a flower farm. They are quickly defeated and captured by the aliens, tiny blue creatures that domesticate bees and build technology for hire, including a gun that can nullify Dynamo’s superpowers and several unidentified high-tech devices shaped like triangles. The two are rescued by an irritable Miranda and find little more to go on at the Xanx’ii

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