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  • Haley Mewbourn/Martinez Family: Case Study

    Please let this report stand as the progress made by the Mewbourn/Martinez family as witnessed by this writer. Haley Mewbourn (mother), Delilah Martinez (daughter), Nicole Martinez (daughter), Natalie Martinez (daughter), and Carmen Martinez (daughter) were referred for Home-Based Parent Aide Services and Visitation Facilitation by Laporte County DCS on August 19, 2015. Home-Based Parent Aide Services were to include transportation for the client to all court ordered services, parenting education to include the Positive Parenting Curriculum, assisting the client with obtaining and maintaining stable housing, and follow all recommendations provided by client’s therapists on any issues or concerns to assist with stabilizing the irrational behaviors. Visitation Facilitation Services are to include ensuring the safety of the children, modeling age appropriate parent/child interactions, monitor the client’s language and behavior, provide timely redirection with actions, establish a consistent routine for the children, document the entire visit, submit reports to the Department, and communicate with the FCM immediately with unplanned changes, unusual occurrences and issues. This writer met weekly with the family resulting in 35 Face-to-Face sessions, which included 13 Parent-Aide sessions and 22 visitations. The family canceled four session parent aide sessions and four visitations due to stressful situations and/or conflicts with work schedules, and needing to pick her mother up…

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  • Supernanny Video Analysis

    Header The Supernanny show based on the U.S. Season 4 episode 2, deals with the Chapman family addressing underlying issues on parental figures and duties within their nuclear family. The family consists of Brittany age 17, Moriah age 14, Ethan and Cole both age 4, and Quinn age 3. Sara and Glenn, both mother and father ages 37 and 42 respectively. Subjective/Subject The subjects that requested assistance were both Brittany and Moriah. In the introductory video, both Brittany and Moriah,…

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  • Positive And Negative Reinforcement In The Bates Family

    The Bates Family Supernanny Jo Frost go to the Bates family to help Stuart and Sarah with their four kids. They have two boys Hayden 7 and Callum 5 and twin girls Orla and Erin 3. During Supernanny‘s visit she sees how the girls don’t get along and there are very little warnings and no consequences for their actions. In this episode you can see positive and negative reinforcement and punishment being used. Positive reinforcement is adding something valuable or desirable and negative…

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  • History Of The Ten Commandments Before The Birth Of Jesus

    stones. His father spoke up sharply, and Bobby came quickly and took his place between his father and his oldest brother." Even in 1948, disobedience was present as Bobby Martin did not want to listen to his mother and return to her side. It took the strong voice of his father to create a sense of fear within the child in order to get him to come back to stand with his family. In the twenty-first century, it is evident that the issue is ever growing. Ads and TV shows portray the idea that…

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  • The Terrible Two Toddlers And Tantrums Analysis

    “STOP do not do that!” “I can not handle you!” Raising a child during their terrible two is not an easy task at all. In order to get more well informed about this stage period of the terrible two I watched a video titled "The Terrible Twos, Toddlers and Tantrums!" on youtube. The video was an interview to Jo Frost a global parenting expert that was part of the famous show “Supernanny” and to Carolyn Castiglia a comedian. On the interview they spoke of how research has found that tantrums and…

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  • Effective Parenting

    use one to clearly display what the chores are for the day. One that helps kids see what the menu is for the day. One that lists out rules for the house. And one that has all the activities listed out for the month. You can pretty much use them for anything that needs more organization and structure. They help everyone stay on the same page and make it easy to show kids what needs to be done before anything else can happen. 3. Do Not Reward Bad Behavior At any age, it is important not to…

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  • Wujcik Family Case Study Essay

    Case Note #2 Header In this second case note, the Wujcik family has seeked assistance in addressing underlying issues in unequal parental roles and duties within their marriage. The family consists of both parents Tim being the father, age 43, and mother Toni, age 40. They both have two sons and one daughter. The oldest son is Alec, age 6, and the second oldest son is Bryce, age 4. The youngest sibling is Carly, being one year old. The Supernanny show is based on the U.S. Season 2 episode…

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  • Reality TV Vs. Candid Camera

    its time was An American Family on PBS in 1973. It was uncommon in its emphasis on an apparently unexciting family named the Louds, who sheltered dramatic secrets. This series thrust the documentary genre outside its customary constraints. The daily lives of the Loud family were spectacles to behold. The televised conclusion of the parents to divorce and the on-screen coming out of their gay son stunned spectators in the 1970s. It was determined that this form of television production no longer…

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