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    Figure 5: An example of the Japanese Hiragana confuser in a quiz. CertificatesConfuser.PNG Figure 6: An example of the Japanese Kanji confuser in a quiz. Tracking Progress When learning a language, students want to know how much they’ve learned. There’s no one better to ask how much a user knows than the user itself, so naturally the progress that a user has made on a deck is based on the difficulty that they have given to each card in it. Calculating Progress for students When a student selects a difficulty, what’s really happening is that the student is getting a number of points for a particular card. The points are as follows: Given this progress framework, calculating the progress is as easy as adding the total points for each card that a user has ranked in the deck and dividing it by the total points that a student would get for the deck if every card was ranked as easy. Example: a deck of 3 cards, the total points if everything is ranked as easy is 9. Once the student starts ranking the cards, the progress is calculated as follows: Since students rank cards on different elements, they will have a separate project for each element. For example, a user might…

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