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  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Research Paper

    This allows the researcher to investigate questions such as ‘does algorithm selection impact how quickly users learn flashcards’ or ‘do customizations correlate with increased quiz scores’ or any other avenue the researcher sees fit to pursue. Conclusion OpenFluency is an Open source free application that adopts multiple proven flashcard language learning tools, and incorporates them into a single platform. The efficiency of many elements of OpenFluency’s core functionality (e.g. spaced-repetition algorithms in flashcards) is supported by sound research. Each element, by itself, does not provide the optimal flashcard learning environment or experience. But, this application seeks to maximize the benefit of each individual tool or learning method it employs, by incorporating a design in which its components mutually complement. OpenFluency is also convenient. It takes the best ideas from multiple related platforms and puts them together into a robust easy to install, easy to use, easy to extend…

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  • Visual Meaning-Base Strategy And Inhibitory Discrimination

    he two types of supplementary materials that a teacher can use to promote the students' English reading development is to use a visual meaning-base strategy and auditory discrimination. If a teacher uses visual meaning-base strategies this will help his or her students see a word or letter and correspond it with its meaning. With that being said, if the student L1 is transparent, then the students can benefit from having almost the same alphabet letters. The students will only need to go over…

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  • The Impact Of Ipads On English Language Learners

    to examine the effects of how Beginner level English Language Learners best learn high frequency Dolch sight words in terms of identification and application by using an iPad technology, and (b) to evaluate satisfaction and motivation among participants in the use of iPads in the sight word acquisition. The participants will consist of three kindergarten English as a Second Language (ESL) students. A multiple baseline single subject design with AB phases will be used. A baseline assessment using…

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  • Reflection: Multiple Methods Of Aural Learning

    auditory, and kinesthetic categories. I rely on several strategies to help me learn. First, I always make flashcards after reading chapters from books or after lectures. Even if I do not have time to study from them, simply writing out the definitions, dates, or names helps me to remember them. I use different colored cards for different chapters and subjects. For example, my occupational therapy flashcards are green and my psychology flashcards are white. I study from flashcards by having a…

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  • The Statistics Primer

    In this chapter, I will discuss about the chapter summary and the flashcards. The Statistics Primer describes three distinct goals we need to use to understand sociology. These three goals are description,…

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  • Improving Memory Psychology

    To learn and also remember material you should spread out your studying over several smaller study sessions during the day. The more you exercise and repeat your memories the stronger they will become (textbook). To make my studying easier, I decided to change my study habits and started to make flashcards. That way I would rewrite my notes I had taken in class and the information from the power points because the testing effect has proven that writing longhand leads to better retention of the…

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  • Reflection: Monitoring My Learning

    How am I going to actively monitor my learning in this course? After I complete the assigned chapter reading before class, I am going to answer the review questions for the chapter to assess my learning. This will give me feedback whether I understand or did not understand certain concepts or terminology within the reading. I will also create flashcards for terminology and vocabulary and actively review them to monitor my retention and learning in this course. Do I find this course interesting?…

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  • Different Learning Styles

    At an early childhood days, children should be introduced with different learning styles. They should be engaged in different methods of learning. As Murphy Paul said all learners benefit from some type of learning styles, you just need to try it out to find yours. “They learn more, for example, from flashcards that incorporate both text and images—charts, graphs, etc.—than from cards that display text alone” (Murphy Paul). This is a great example of how you can find your learning style. If…

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  • The Importance Of Multiplication Facts

    We used different colored construction paper, and allowed for them to decide how they wanted to organize their cards, whether they were all one color, or each set would be different colors. From reviewing their pre-assessment data I realized they were all proficient with the zero’s one’s and two’s. We focussed on the threes through eights because it was what they were all working with and they were really good with their nines already. We created the flashcards, the students were able to raise…

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  • Cell Phones In Schools

    for meeting dates and important dates or times we had to be places. • Evernote- A cloud-based app that allows you to take notes on any device and retrieve them from any other device. This will be great for students who prefer digital notes rather than paper notes. • Sticky Notes- This app is more for those students who are very forgetful and need a sticky note to remind them of due dates or important information. You can change the color and font style on digital sticky notes and they stay on…

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