The Statistics Primer

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There are many resources that are available in the textbook publisher’s website. All of the resources are very helpful for us as students. In the Student Edition there are multiple resources for our use. Out of all the resources I found, I chose to discuss about the Statistics Primer, the glossary and the Web resources. I chose these three resources particularly because they are filled with helpful information. The Chapter I liked to discuss is Chapter five. It explains Social Interaction and Social Structure. In this chapter, I will discuss about the chapter summary and the flashcards.

The Statistics Primer describes three distinct goals we need to use to understand sociology. These three goals are description,
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It explains multiple ideas like culture, socialization and population and health. There are resource sites for each topic that can be used to help get a better understanding. This is very important for researching about multiple topics in sociology. Every source is great to expand our knowledge about. Without these Web resources being available for us, it would take us time to locate them in order to expand our knowledge.

Chapter five which explains information mainly about social interaction and social structure. I chose this chapter because it explains the sociological structures the most. It explained that social interaction refers to how people interact with each other. And social structure refers to how the society is organized in relationships. People play a magnificent role in the society and that is well explained in this chapter. This chapter explains facts and predictions and the thoughts of researchers and theorists.

For this chapter, I chose to explain about its productive and available resources it has. I really liked the flashcards in this chapter. They are very helpful, and reminded me with why I chose the glossary. There are twenty-seven useful flashcards. Each flashcard explains the definitions of the terms used in that chapter. This is a great way for us to understand what is being explained to us in the
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Pareto is from France, which makes him unique than Mead and Thomas. He is coming from a different background. Another fact about him is that he is older than both Mead and Thomas. This makes his information more ancient and very different. If living around his time era, I would most likely become friends with him the first out of all three of the sociologists. Pareto started his own business after finishing school. Having an interest in business, I think that would be the factor that would attract me to become friends with

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