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    Compound Bow: Introduction Introduction Bows are tools or weapons used by archers and archery hunters to compete in competition and harvest wildlife for food and trophies. The compound bow in particular, is a mechanical tool/weapon that enhances the primitive technology originally created by man to enhance accuracy when hunting or shooting at a target. Compound bows can be used for hunting various types of game as well as used for competition shooting. People of most ages with practice and maintenance can be successful archers for many years. The concept and explanation of the compound bow is intended for those interested in starting a hunting/target shooting career. The mechanics, the use of the bow, the maintenance requirements, and the safety concerns will be addressed. Mechanics Compound bows are made up of several complex systems of parts. First of all, the bow has the frame itself. The frame is made up of the upper and lower limbs, the limb bolts, the sight itself, the arrow rest, the grip, and the stabilizer. The string area on the other hand is composed of the Idler cam and lower cams, the peep sight, the nock, the wrist wrap, the cables and their respective cable rod and rollers, and the string itself intertwined into all of that. (See figure 1). Each component has a specific purpose within the mechanical system of the bow. The limbs and the limb bolts control the amount of pull or force the bow will have to draw. The sight and peep sight are for the aiming of the…

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