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  • Alexander Mcqueen Analysis

    not used loosely and those who were regarded as romantics would not use this word themselves, rather, it was a term that was applied with hindsight. The Romantic Period explored a number of themes such as Naturalism, Gothicism, Emotionalism and Exoticism. Naturalism was believed to be the utmost highest as it focused on the natural aspects. Naturalism originates from Realism which is the philosophy that emphasizes and accentuates the interpretation of life as its actuality and how it is lived.…

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  • Gloria Anzaldúa Analysis

    Addressing the complexities articulated within the act of ethnic identity enunciation, the art of writing is granted the power of eliciting a counter discourse. Ethnic identity, be it a heterogeneous construct fashioned by and through the narrative it sustains, unravels the interplay between competing discourses of power .To transcend the boundaries of marginality infused in the supremacy given to certain languages over others, voicing minorities plight of exclusion can only be maintained…

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  • Venice's Character Analysis Of The Merchant Of Venice And Venice

    Imagining Morocco’s words spoken aloud brings a curious sense of exoticism. From abroad, the Prince traveled to win fair Portia. And this copious ground covered on his trip forms a chasm of misunderstanding between the two. In this particular incident, Morocco’s style of speaking appears alien to the reader, who has yet to even hear it spoken. During the actual play, an adept actor animates the character, bringing accent and intonation to life, and adding further eccentricity to Morocco. In…

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  • Colonial Waves In Morocco

    Travel narratives about Morocco constitute an inextricable part of the discursive practices that created and maintained an ontological and epistemological construction of Morocco that made it fit in the homogenous and monolithic Orient. Therefore, one way of proving such a claim is by questioning the image of Morocco and the way the country has been identified from a Western perspective based on a body of produced knowledge, particularly travel narratives, and thus the subject of this essay.…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Diversity

    to the exclusion of others. The insidiousness of diversity lies not in its theory, but in the current practice of destroying traditional indigenous culture in all aspects of social institutions. Diversity, presented as propaganda, depicts the exoticism of differences in culture (Fig 1). Sensitivity, tolerance and cultural awareness training contains the political correctness needed to enforce the propaganda of multiculturalism. Excluding the obvious factors of human nature and behaviour,…

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  • Carmen And Don Jose Character Analysis

    While producers of operas often cast extraordinary singers and performers, it is quite difficult to find the appropriate actress to portray Carmen and Don Jose. Unexpectedly, Jennifer Johnson Cano appeared to be a good fit for the role, both in beauty and voice, though not ethnicity. Her gift in performance was clear in her commanding presence upon the stage and she was quite appropriate for the role of the femme fatale. Aided by theatrical elements and her role, it was clear the audience could…

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  • Critical Commentary Essay

    Critical Commentary Introduction “Is Hyperloop the Future of Travel” is an article from BBC that talks about Hyperloop, a conceptual transportation system that would shorten travel time by a great amount. I choose this article because I like travel and I believe that travel will become easier and faster in the near future because of innovations and new technology such as Hyperloop. This article mainly focuses on two parts: the first part explains what Hyperloop is and how it works; the second…

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  • The Actor As Object Of Desire Analysis

    Question 1 In this semester we read many interesting articles, but the reading which I find easiest to apply to real life was The Actor as Object of Desire, by Don Shewey. In passage one, the author details meeting their idol and getting the opportunity to become more connected or intimate with them, but turn the opportunity down instead because “intimacy pulls the plug” on the idealization of another human being. This is a very true statement in my mind. Actors, whether on stage or in film,…

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  • Appropriation Of Non-Westerners In Mass Media

    Hawaii to Westerners) the people are not represented as beautiful, but rather the women are completely fetishized. Lutz and Collins critique National Geographic on “emphasizing sensuality” of the women by very frequently showing topless women and the exoticism of female dancers (Lutz and Collins 136). This is also the case in much of mass media, but to a further extent in that much of mass media has the leniency to show more graphic depictions of fetishized women. Full Metal Jacket is known to…

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  • The Interior Of The Palm House Analysis

    The Interior of the Palm House on the Pfaueninsel near Potsdam (The Art Institute of Chicago, 1996.388) is an oil painting on canvas produced in 1834 by the German painter, Carl Blechen. The piece is 52 ½ by 50 inches, depicting a scene of lush greenery and four women who have the appearance of stepping from the pages of a fantasy novel, all united within the pastel confines of ornate greenhouse walls. Despite its mystic and dream-like properties, Blechen 's Interior of the Palm House is…

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