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  • The Elements Of Gothicism In Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven

    An air of gloom, anguish and despair, with a hint of melancholy and a feathery apparition haunting the mind of a young scholar who is burdened by bereaved love and has secluded himself behind his chamber door, in a room full of bittersweet memories. Such is the work of Edgar Allan Poe, specifically, that of The Raven. Published on the 29th of January 1845, The Raven instantly became a hit and Poe’s most famous work. Oftentimes when discussing the gothic genre, many may immediately think of Poe,…

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  • Asian-American Race Relations

    war, when immigrants from Vietnam came to America. Groups such as the "Organization of Chinese Americans" fought to secure rights for Asian-Americans and prevent discrimination. Challenging stereotypes about Asian "passivity", and rejecting the exoticism and racism of "oriental" labels, Asian American activists mobilized this new consciousness to demand an end to racist hiring practices, biased school curricula, demeaning media stereotypes, residential discrimination, and the gentrification of…

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  • Nicholas De Larniere Analysis

    Nicolas de Largillière, a French artist known mainly for his portraits of the upper bourgeoisie, painted Portrait of a Woman in 1696 with oil on canvas. It can be found hanging in the European galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Due to a lack of evidence, the identity of the sitter has been widely debated. What can be gathered from records and documentation is that it appears to be either Madame Marie de Thorigny or Hélène de Thorigny; two women from the same wealthy family that…

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  • Hipsters Research Papers

    Desiree Seisa COMM 541 Professor R. Lescure 25 May 2016 Final Paper Over the last two decades, the increase of accessibility and ability to connect with others has tremendously expanded, creating an innumerable amount of diverse opportunities for self-expression. While this has opened up many doors for people to discover different styles and spark new interests, it can also create a sense of loss of identity through the limitless world of the Internet as social media and online communities…

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  • Kalow And Runaways

    elements of normalcy in the children’s lives rather than demonising the runaways through a focus on teen prostitution, drug use and adolescent alcoholism (Kalow, 1996, p.60). Both Kalow and Malinowski’s research endeavoured to remove unnecessary exoticism in their final publishing. The process of conducting anthropological research can be a long and difficult task drawn out over an extended period with no success. Malinowski comments on the “laborious years”…

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  • Dutch Art In China

    I am applying to Leiden University due to its reputation as an astounding institute of higher education with a highly accomplished faculty, as well as, its suitability to my research interests. The History, Arts and Culture of Asia MA is a unique opportunity to gain a thorough knowledge of East Asian history and culture with a focus on visual and material culture. My academic interests center on cross-cultural interactions during the early modern period manifested in visual and material culture.…

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  • Passing By Nella Larsen

    In the novella, Passing, Nella Larsen portrays the multifaceted struggles an African-American woman must delicately balance in order to survive in society in the 1920’s through the character of Irene Redfield. When Irene and her childhood acquaintance Clare Kendry happen upon each other at a restaurant in Chicago, they are both “passing” for white women. It quickly becomes clear that Clare has been living as a white woman, while Irene utilizes her ability to pass exclusively when she needs to -…

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  • Into The Wild By Alain De Botton

    Landscapes can embody values that have the power to prompt philosophical insight and a spiritual awakening in an individual experiencing a landscape. This notion is encapsulated in Alain de Botton’s non-fiction memoir, The Art of Travel (2002) and Sean Penn’s film ‘Into the Wild’ (2007). These texts collectively explore the philosophy of the relationship between people and landscapes and it’s potential power to nurture an intellectual and spiritual understanding of one’s self and the human…

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  • Colonialism And Imperialism: The Significance Of The Orient

    Orient.’ “The display of both subjected peoples and products from foreign possessions made colonialism concrete to those at home and reaffirmed the colonizing society’s racial superiority.” With the expansion of colonial territories in East, the exoticism of Orient increasingly belonged to the West. By the 19th century, Western hegemony and its ability to obtain the Orient allowed a wide spread communication of Orientalism. No longer limited to just written and contemplative methods, the system…

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  • Essay On Merope

    The faintest star in the sky. In Greek Mythology, Merope made up one of the seven Pleiades sisters, who were the daughters of Atlas and Pleione. Merope was the runt of the family and was shunned away when marrying a commoner. She hid her face in shame, thus barely visible in the sky. When she came to learn about the origins of her name during a bedtime story at the age of 4, Merope Aquino bombarded her father with countless questions a second. She couldn’t help it, her curiosity killed her.…

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