Why Is Giant Pandas Endangered

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Giant Pandas in the wild have been torchered by humans, but still they are friendly and majestic animals. They are unique animals but are endangered for many reasons that we can prevent. One reason is they were being tracked down and killed for their fur (WWF). Also, they are being split apart from each other, fragmentation. Next, people have been taking nature from the pandas selfishly (Smithsonian). To save this species many people are now working together to stop Giant Pandas from going extinct (WWF). There are sanctuaries and people have been using different techniques without using the pandas’ habitat. The majestic species of the Giant Pandas are endangered for many reasons, all of which we can end to.
Giant Pandas have many characteristics
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Some of the many reasons are, fragmentation, habitat destruction, hunting, and harvesting. Fragmentation happens because people have built in the forests separating the Giant Pandas’ living spaces (WWF). They cannot migrate between these “far flung habitats” and when bamboo dies off the available habitats get smaller and smaller, so some pandas may suffer of starvation (Facts about Giant Panda). Since they are separated from other giant pandas, less reproduction happens, and there are no offspring. Also, habitat destruction happens as people build, they push Giant Pandas up into the mountains, slowly taking their homes like invaders (Faz Alam). Next, hunters used to target the Giant Pandas for their fur, since it was told to bring good luck (WWF). Even though hunting for their fur has almost ceased to exist, the hunting really did impact their numbers. The hunting was excessive but desirable since the pandas’ coats were very soft and warm. One last reason why Giant Pandas are endangered is harvesting. People harvest medicinal plants to sell, but the pandas eat and need these plants to thrive (Sichuan Giant Pandas). Likewise, people also use the trees of the forest to make fires to light stoves and the like. The trees are also part of the pandas’ habitat and taking them causes an impact on them. These are a few reasons that the Giant Panda population is decreasing, to a small …show more content…
Giant Pandas are very unique to their style, they are distinct black and white, and they have adapted to the wild. They are amazing, but are now endangered because of people hunting them, taking their space to live, and using the forest for humans’ desires. There are only about 1,600 in the wild now, which is very close to extinction. Seeing our mistakes we have been helping the Giant Pandas. There are now sanctuaries where baby pandas have been born and brought up. Another way people have been helping now is through not been using resources from the forest. In all, we should give more love than the hate that Giant Pandas used to get; to save these species you can support funds, specifically the World Wildlife Fund which saves Giant Pandas as well as many other endangered

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